Strategy Gamer Presents: 2017’s Most Defining Game – Voting Open!

By Admin 14 Dec 2017 0

We love strategy games here at Strategy Gamer (can’t imagine why), and there have been so many good releases this year it can be hard to take it all in. Coming to the end of 2017 means you’ll be seeing plenty of GOTY awards giving you the chance to express your opinion as to what this year’s Best Game™ was (or perhaps read other people’s opinions on the subject).

Given that we’re brand new and we don’t want to go all out with a GOTY award just yet, we’re doing to try something more low-key that involves a larger degree of audience participation.


This year, we’re going to be giving out the ‘Most Defining Strategy Game 2017’ Award based on your feedback and some behind the scenes discussions amongst staff.

Please go to this form to participate.

Essentially, we want you to nominate one game you think defined strategy gaming in 2017 using the following:

  • It’s a strategy game (obviously). We could say it needs to be tagged ‘Strategy’ somewhere but have you seen Steam’s strategy section? Yeesh.
  • It was released, or has had a major release/update/expansion this year.
  • It can be a Mod, but it needs to have been regularly updated and active up to today. It also needs to be a pretty substantial mod.

Please try to write out the game’s name exactly as it appears in either the Steam store, or the creator’s own store page as it'll make tallying the results easier.

The second section will be for you to write out why you think this game ‘defines’ strategy gaming in 2017. Note that this doesn’t strictly mean it’s the ‘best’ game of 2017, but it’s the game the epitomises the values and ethos of strategy gaming as it has developed this year.

We're not necessarily going to be handing out a single award at the end of this, but we will be sharing some choice snippets and results in the New Year.

The poll will remain open until after Christmas Day.



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