Strategy Gamer Presents: Our Reader's Most Defining Strategy Game Of 2017

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Joe didn't wanted to do a GOTY award on Strategy Gamer this year, so instead he decided to ask people what's their "most defining" strategy game of 2017. We looked at your answers, counted the votes, and here's what we came up with:

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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With 16.8% of the votes, the expansion for the already excellent XCOM 2 was chosen by our readers as the most defining strategy game of 2017. As one of them put it in the comments:

The original XCOM 2 was a groundbreaking game that redefined turn-based strategy by adding innovative new mechanics and twists while staying faithful to the roots of the genre. The 2017 War of the Chosen expansion managed to elevate what was already an A+ game even further by adding more depth at all levels, from the strategic macro management challenges down to the tactical ground combat.

Another reader put in a less wanna-be-reviewer way, simply stating:

The Main Game was already a blast but the new options/customizing "more of everything" made it an even better game. Only the story direction suffered a bit with the inclusion of the "zomb...lost".

Marcello agreed with that, giving War of the Chosen a full 5-star score, and writing:

In the end, however, War of the Chosen is just as good -- if not better -- than XCOM 2. It takes everything that was good about the base game and improves it, adding a ton of new features and overall making a brilliant game even more complex. This expansion, like Enemy Within before it, managed to take an already outstanding experience into something truly exceptional. Very few franchises manage to so competently unite amazingly polished gameplay, brilliant strategy, and a wonderfully constructed universe -- let alone do it twice -- but XCOM did it.

Overall, we agree with that choice -- the team behind XCOM once more took something that was already pretty good, and made it even better. Congratulations to Firaxis for a well deserved victory.

Total War: Warhammer II

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With 11.2% of the votes, the second-ever entry into Total War's fantasy franchise comes hot in the heels of War of the Chosen as the most defining strategy title of 2017. One user described it as "Amazing systems, unique asymmetrical mechanics and races, massive battles, tons of fun", which sums up the game pretty well.

Marcello wrote on his 4-star review:

In the end, however, Creative Assembly’s latest foray into the Warhammer universe is once more a success. It's wonderful animations and fantastic visual identity deliver an immersive and enjoyable experience for anyone with even a passing interest in the fantasy genre. It is both a capable Total War game and a satisfactory Warhammer title, and it manages to unite both of them without losing sight of either. The world is in desperate need of a Total War: Lord of the Rings title, but until then, Total War: Warhammer II is your best fantasy choice.

Congrats to Creative Assembly, and here's hoping they fix Mortal Empires and those damn Chaos invasions.

Closing thoughts

Endless Space 2 and Oriental Empires both came in third and fourth place, and the former's UI receiving a lot of praise from our readers (and rightfully so). Interestingly, Dominions 5 got a large number of votes, but since that was covered by our sister publication The Wargamer, it didn't felt right to include it here. Nonetheless, all three titles in this section are equally deserving of praise.

Next year, we'll be doing a proper 2018 Game of the Year award, so feel free to drop suggestions on the comments as to what format you would like to see them take place. Also let us know in the comments what you think of the choices on this article, either good or bad (but don't blame us, we only tallied the votes =P ).



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