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By Marcello Perricone 12 May 2017 2

Last week, we ran an opinion poll on the site to gather feedback from our readers regarding Strategy Gamer's content and structure. We had an amazing response, with way more replies than we hoped, and it gave us an amazing overview of what our readers look for when they check out what SG has to offer. We would like to thank you all very much for your participation, and it all feeds back into making Strategy Gamer a better website for you.

Earlier this week, the SG Command staff got together in a meeting to pour over the poll data and evaluate our course. Overall, the vast majority seems pretty happy with the tone and subject of what we're doing, so rest assured, what you love about SG won't change. A vast portion of our userbase enjoys our reviews, guides, and analysis, so we are scaling up efforts to bring you a bit more of that without neglecting any other form of content.

From the beginning, we always planned to cover older strategy games, and now that the site has been navigating on the interwebs for a month we can finally start bringing you more variety. Along with content about older games and franchises, like Age of Empires, Star Wars, and , we will expand our scope to deal with all forms of the strategy genre, including much loved simulation games like Cities: Skylines or Bullfrog's Theme series.

The last point of interest regards our own advertisement of site features, which apparently has been too subtle. One of our main ideas regarding creating a meaningful site dedicated to strategy gamers was the Codex Hub. Each major game or franchise will get it's own Codex page, acting as a repository of knowledge and listing every piece of published content regarding those titles in one easy to browse space. However, according to the poll results, a large swath of our readers had no idea that even existed. Therefore, from now on we will revamp the Codex integration and make it a bit more prominent, linking pieces and hubs within articles in order to make the whole feature more accessible. At the moment, we have Codices on:

Each Codex page contain links to reviews, analysis, guides, and news related to that specific title, and more content will be added as the pieces go live. Right now, we have planned Codices for Northgard and a collective Codex for Early Access games, and we welcome community suggestions of which game or franchise we should tackle next. In time, our idea is to have a Codex for each major title, filled with strategy goodies. Check out our Codex Hub, and let us know in the comments your opinions about it.


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The other major aspect of our community effort that also flew mostly below the radar was our Discord server. Discord is a communication service not unlike the IRCs of old, but better and with a cleaner interface. It offers a load of options for gamers, such as text chat, image and video support, and integrated voice communications. It is completely free (though you need to create an account to use it), and we have established a Strategy Gamer server for everyone to jump in and chat about their favorite games and strategies, or just to get in touch with staff and bust our balls for being noobs at Starcraft or something. Discord can be accessed by browser, desktop, or mobile app, so you can always be connected to our server if you want. We invite all of our readers to check it out, as it is a very fun way to get involved with us and makes for a livelier and more active community. We will soon start organising multiplayer games, so joining our Discord is a great way to getting to know everybody prior to that.

Now, to the showstopper number. We had quite a few inquiries about writing for us in the open feedback portion of the survey. While I personally had been conceptualising something like that for a while, it caught us a bit by surprise. SG Command sat down to discuss what we could feasibly do, and after careful consideration and planning, we decided to launch our official SG Volunteer Initiative.

Given the size of the strategy field, there is a nigh infinite number of games to play, strategies to discover, and stories to be shared, and we know a good number of you are passionate about this wonderful and enthralling genre. We also know how hard can it be to break into the game's industry. As such, we are offering you the opportunity to join us and help make Strategy Gamer the number one spot on the internet for strategy games. We have set up a structure to ensure that you will never be without guidance if you need it, complete with a proofreading system to ensure that the published pieces match our editorial standard; as a member of the Initiative, you will not only get published articles under your name -- you will also become a better writer in the process.

Interested candidates should apply to me directly via email at marcello [at] wargamer [dot] com, or contact me on the SG Discord server. We need to see a couple of written samples of your work -- regardless of what it is and if it's been published or not -- solely to evaluate your writing skills. After that, I will brief you on the Initiative specifics, introduce you to the team and the SG Program, and we take it from there. It doesn't matter if you are are just a passionate gamer writing as a hobby or an aspiring writer looking to get his foot in the industry -- if you are a good writer and want to be a part of SG, get in touch right now.

As an added bonus, SG Writers will also eventually get the chance to contribute on our sister sites Pocket Tactics and if they wish to. The focus right now is totally on Strategy Gamer, but we know some interests overlap, and we're leaving that door open.

That is all for today, folks. Once more, thank you very much for answering the opinion poll and for being a part of our website day after day. Take a look at our Codex Hub, let us know in the comments below what you think of these changes, and don't forget to check out our Discord server!

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