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By Joe Robinson 15 Jun 2020 0

As many of you might be aware, June is usually when E3 happens. It’s a bit of an archaic show mainly aimed at the console crowd and business types, but it can also be a fun show all around. My favourite E3 moment to-date was the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 - it was so hammy and I loved it.

E3 as a show has been having a rough time in recent years, with many big name publishers pulling out and/or running their own event. Thanks to COVID-19, the show had to basically be cancelled altogether. In its place have risen a dozen or so only-only micro-events. Our sister website PCGamesN has a really handy breakdown of everything still to come between now and July.

Over the weekend though were several mini-shows and news announcements - The Guerilla Collective, Paradox Insider and the PC Gaming Show all streamed and there were actually quite a few cool announcements for us strategy bois, so here’s a recap of what you may have missed.

Humankind Wants YOU (to help make it better)

Amplitude Studios have been making 4X strategy games for around a decade now, starting with the first Endless Space game and moving on to things like Endless Legend. This was all preparation for the game they actually wanted to make - an historical 4X to rival Civilization. They’re hoping Humankind (announced last year) will be that game, and they’re looking to recruit players to help them make it the best it can be.

What people may not know about Amplitude is that, since the beginning, they’ve run a ‘Games2Gether’ program where they invite passionate fans to assist in the development of the game at key stages. It probably differs little from your typical alpha/beta program, but it's’ always seemed a bit wider in scope and long running.

Now they’re relaunching it as ‘OpenDev’, and will be taking sign-ups from now until June 26th. You can read more details here, but essentially they will be released a number of time-limited scenarios to test out core mechanics. Each scenario only lasts a few days, and once it’s over the game is removed from your Steam Library.

New Iron Harvest Trailer

No big news here - the game is still on track to release September 1st, and a free demo will be available from tomorrow until the 22nd. They have finally started taking pre-orders though and released a new trailer to celebrate:

Stronghold: Warlords Release Date

This news dropped late Friday during IGN’s ‘Summer of Gaming’ event after we’d already written up our weekly news bulletin. Stronghold: Warlords will be released on September 29th, 2020 and will feature a co-op mode where two players can both play the game controlling the same castle.

Frostpunk Official Board Game

Frostpunk is getting an official board game. 11 Bit Studios have teamed up with some of the same people who helped make the This War of Mine board game adaptation and will be bringing the frozen post-apocalyptic survival/city-builder to the table-top later this year, via Kickstarter.

Space Crew Announced

You may remember Bomber Crew, the toon-esque survival simulation game where you’re in charge of a WW2-era bomber (and crew) and must survive in order to complete your missions. It was a bit rough around the edges, but still quite fun. The developers have now partnered with Curve Digital to work on a sequel - Space Crew.

This time the action heads to outer space where you’re in charge of your very own spaceship, tasked with protecting Human space from alien invaders. This time there will be a lot more depth and customisation, from how ship-to-ship combat works, to your crew and the ship itself. It’s releasing in September 2020 and will cost $19.99/£19.99.

The Captain is Dead Digital Edition Announced

Thunderbox Entertainment are bringing a second board game to digital. Their first adaptation was Tsuro: The Game of the Path and now they are adapting 2014’s The Captain is Dead (by AEG). This is a co-op strategy board game where you’re in charge of the surviving crew of a ship beset on all sides by Everything. It’s due out for release sometime in 2020.

Evil Genius 2 Announced

2004’s Evil Genius is returning thanks to Rebellion. This is a base-building strategy game in a similar vein to the iconic Dungeon Keeper title, where you play as the bad guy and must build up your lair. Evil Genius 2 takes this concept to the modern day, where you must build up your lair and your minions, and resist the forces of justice that try to stop you. It’s due out sometime this year.

Fae Tactics Announced

If you need more Final Fantasy Tactics in your life, Humble has you covered. They are publishing a new indie tactical RPG called Fae Tactics. It has elements of Pokemon where you have to battle and ‘collect’ Fae creatures, but looks very much like a FF Tactics analogue. It boasts a “menuless” turn-based tactical system and is due out sometime this year.

And some more trailers...

There were plenty of other news and bits to come out over the weekend as well, so here’s a trailer reel for everything we didn’t get a chance to cover above:

Anyone else excited? I’m pretty excited...



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