Strategy Games News Bulletin, February 27th 2020

By Joe Robinson 27 Feb 2020 1

We’re back in business this week, and there have been several cool new releases you might have missed in the form of new BSG Deadlock DLC, and turn-based strategy game Broken Lines. Rimworld’s newest patch and expansion has also given us an excuse to talk about that game again, which is nice.

In case you’re wondering why this is dropping on a Thursday, I’m on holiday again tomorrow, so rather than skip it this week I thought I’d just bring it a day forward. There’ll be some prepared content going up tomorrow.

Update (29/2): The Asmodee story below has been updated to accomodate a statement from Asmodee Digital.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

T’au Deep Strike Into Warhammer 40K: Gladius

With a simultaneous announcement and release, Civilization-meets-40K 4X strategy game Warhammer 40,000: Gladius has just received a new DLC Faction as the T’au join the fight. Along with their usual assortment of Battlesuits, Drones and infantry, the T’au also have special abilities that let them take control of certain neutral mobs on the campaign map, as well as harming the loyalty of enemy cities.

While Gladius is still a bit of a weird game, it’s actually done a great job at translating the classic 40K factions in interesting ways, so we’re interested in seeing how this one plays out. For the greater good!

Master of Magic Returns!

A while ago Slitherine announced that they had acquired the rights to classic strategy game Master of Magic, a fantasy 4X game where you played as a powerful wizard leading your armies against all who oppose you.

Well, this week that deal has produced fruit - the classic game is now available. There are two options:

  • Master of Magic ‘classic’, which is the original game, along with an optional free Community Patch
  • Master of Magic: Caster of Magic - A DLC that started life as a mod. This pack adds lots more options, tools and content to enhance the original classic.

Both are really cheap - you can pick up the base game and the DLC for under £7/$10. If you do end up picking them up, let us know what you think! You can also pick them up from, if that's more your style.

Humble Table Top Sale

In addition to the Table Top Bundle we wrote about earlier in the week, Humble are now also running a general sale on TableTop ports and board game inspired strategy games on their store.

You can get up to 85% off everything from top DLC, to games like Blood Bowl 2 and Twilight Struggle, to recently released games like Gloomhaven digital’s Early Access build. Check it out!

Asmodee want help making digital board games

Speaking of Tabletop, it seems Asmodee - now one of the largest board game publishers in the world (we think?) - have put out a call asking for game studios to get in touch regarding their library of over 250 board game IPs and licenses. It seems they need help making them into digital games.

This is an interesting one; Asmodee have been on a spending spree the past couple of years, gobbling up board game publishers left, right and centre (even Fantasy Flight Games) so their library of ‘owned’ titles has grown considerably. In terms of digital adaptations, there have been a few staple studios that have made games for their titles (before and after acquisition).

terraforming mars digital

Recently though, more and more of that work has been centred around Asmodee Digital, the official ‘digital’ arm of Asmodee that publishes and/or creates a lot of digital board game adaptations. They’re responsible for digital adaptations of Scythe and Terraforming Mars, and have also worked with Nomad Games and Playdek and other third-party studios to create or publish games as well.

We speculated in the original version of this news item that perhaps Asmodee Digital needed a hand dealing with Asmodee Entertainment's sizeable library, but the digital arm has since provided us with a statement saying that Asmodee Digital is now choosing to work on fewer, but larger, digital projects. In the meantime, Asmodee HQ's desire to expand their digital business simply means the two sides are working more closely to figure out which projects are best handled internally, and which are best licensed out to new partners.

It's worth noting that the studio that had originally been tasked by AD to make the digital version of Terraforming Mars went bust last year, and the parternship between AD and Nomad Games also fizzled out.

Stronghold: Warlords to get bonus ‘economic’ Campaign

Firefly have announced that Stronghold: Warlords, the latest iteration in their classic Castle-builder sim, is going to get a new bonus campaign focused purely on economics. A typical game of Stronghold can involve a mix of castle-building and military conquest, and the main Warlords campaign has already been revealed to be combat-heavy.

But this new bonus campaign, which will involve a series of six missions, will focus more on building up your Castle and its economy. Here’s the trailer:

Best of the Rest

That’s all for this week - see you Monday!



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