Strategy Games News Bulletin - February 7th, 2020

By Joe Robinson 07 Feb 2020 0

You know I actually had to curate this week's news round-up, so many things dropped. I probably should have written up more during the week, but to be fair a lot of things cut were ‘emergency tier’ news that can easily be left alone.

We’ve had a lot of reviews go up this week, and we’ve got a fair few releases still to come this month as well.

Meanwhile, in strategy games...

A Year of Rain Shelved

We’ve written about the upcoming RTS game A Year of Rain before. Sadly, it’s no longer ‘upcoming’ as the developers have put the project on indefinite hold, citing low player numbers and limited resources.

A Year of Rain Cancelled

It’s a shame, as this project has some neat ideas and was a pretty interesting co-op experience, but even during my initial previews I worried there wasn’t enough here to really get RTS fans excited. Even with all the controversy, it had to compete with the resurgence of Warcraft 3, not to mention other staple RTS games getting remastered. Its focus on multiplayer, Esports and the co-op mechanics also gave it a MOBA feel that wasn’t really desirable. It's always a shame to see games cancelled, but it’s also equally sad to see all of the hard work a team puts in get zero appreciation from the market.

The final update to A Year of Rain has made some quality of life changes to ease the shutdown of the multiplayer services, as well as release some nearly-finished content for the community to play around with. Whether it will ever come back is anyone's guess.

New Battlestar Galactica Deadlock DLC

In better news, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is getting more DLC! Huzzah! The second content drop for the game’s second ‘season’ of expansions is called the Ghost Fleet Offensive, and adds ten new missions where you lead a task force behind enemy lines to strike the Cylon invaders where they’re most vulnerable. The Ghost Fleet is mentioned in the Blood and Chrome prequel TV show.

Along with the new missions, the DLC comes with new ships as well for both the colonial fleet and new munitions type. There will also be a free update released at the same time. The Ghost Fleet Offensive is due out on February 25th, 2020.

BSG Deadlock Ghost Fleet DLC

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers heading to Switch

If you’ve been a long-time reader of our sister website, Pocket Tactics, you may know of Kingdom Rush. It’s a popular series of Tower-Defence style RTS games that are free-to-play. The whole trilogy is coming to Switch, with Kingdom Rush: Frontiers being the first into the breach on February 27th.

Wargroove Double Trouble out Now!

The free Double Trouble DLC/Update for Advance Wars-esque strategy game Wargroove was released earlier this week. If you’ve forgotten what it’s about, the new content drop adds a new co-op focused campaign, new commanders, new units as well as new Arcade missions and multiplayer functionality. We really enjoyed Wargroove when we reviewed it, and this update can only make it that much better.

New Patches & Dev Diaries

This has been a bumper week for patches and dev logs of note, so we thought we’d quickly summarize them for you instead of doing a dedicated entry for each one:

  • King’s Bounty 2 has received its first developer diary since it was announced last year. It serves as a basic introduction to the game and where it stands in relation to past games in the series.
  • Warcraft 3 has received another post-launch patch. The change-log seems quite modest, but the patch itself is reported to be 2GB so the changes that have been made are probably quite substantial.
  • Total War: Warhammer 2 has received a hefty update called the ‘King’s Shilling’ update, which is mainly about fixing some high priority bugs and making tweaks to the Vampire Coast factions.
  • Last but not least, Total War: Three Kingdoms has received a hotfix patch that fixes and re-balances a bunch of things across the campaign and the multiplayer. Full patch notes here.

Two Board Games free on the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games store has been doing a thing for a while now where they will make certain games free on their store for a limited time. A bit like PS Plus, if you download a game during its free period you keep it forever (except there’s no subscription fee to qualify you for the free games in the first place).

It’s rare they do strategy games so we don’t talk about it often, but from now until February 13th you can download digital board games Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride. Pandemic was also supposed to be part of this promotion, but that’s been delayed till a later date.

That's all for this week - enjoy your weekends!



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