Strategy Games News Bulletin - January 17th, 2020

By Joe Robinson 17 Jan 2020 0

It's mainly update and patch news this week, as there hasn't been many new announcements yet. Not that this year needs anything more adding to it - we mentioned this at the time when we out our New Strategy Games 2020 guide on the site, but this is a ridiculous starting line-up, and it's only January!

Can't wait to see what else we're going to see this year.

Meanwhile, in the world of strategy games...

New Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC

I got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and have been very much enjoying the new Fire Emblem game, so it pleases me that there’s more DLC coming for it. Titled ‘Cindered Shadows’, this latest expansion will add a new underworld area to Garreg Mach where the outcasts of Fódlan gather under the banner of the game’s secret fourth house.

This is more of a side-quest than a new campaign, and it will introduce four new students who will be eligible for recruitment as part of the main game. It represents the largest content drop to-date, and will be released on February 12th, 2020.

Imperator: Rome looks to the future

The 1.3 ‘Livy’ update for Imperator: Rome seems to have gone down quite well, and so as they start a new year the Game Director has taken some time to lay down what the plan for the fledgling grand strategy game will be in 2020.

They’re going to continue as they are and pursue a schedule of smaller, more frequent updates which will be grouped into themed ‘seasons’ of patches - for example the next two patches will focus on religion and culture, while the next season is likely to look at Warfare again. You can read more about it here, but it's very promising.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Patch 1.4

To coincide with the release of the Mandate of Heaven expansion yesterday (which is really good, by the way), Creative Assembly also released a new patch for the base game. Highlights include:

  • The introduction of Tao Qian as a playable character
  • Lu Zhi, Huangfu Song, Diao Chan, and Xun Yu are all now legendary characters
  • New battle features and abilities, including deployables and siege engines
  • Emperor ownership and rank mechanics updates
  • Unit, weapon, and projectile balance changes to promote new battlefield roles.
  • Various bug fixes

But if you want to know more, the studio have released a handy video:

New EU4 Patch is going to be epic

Speaking of grand-strategy games, Europa Universalis 4 also seems to be set to have a big 2019. There’s a new expansion due out this year that will focus on Europe once more. Rumours are this might actually be the last expansion, with the combo of this last patch and new content giving the game one big send-off a la Holy Fury for CK2. Could this mean an Europa Universalis V announcement is due by the end of the year?

While your mind blows itself apart, check out the latest dev diary that goes in depth into many of the balance changes they’re looking at for future updates, including no more Max State limit! 

War on Terror Board Game Coming to Steam Early Access

If you’re a fan of digital board games, you’ll no doubt know of Playdek, among other things, they’re known for an excellent digital adaptation of the Cold War-themed 2 player game Twilight Struggle, from GMT Games. Now they’re back with a new GMT digital adaptation, this time Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001 - ?.

This is a 1 or 2 player asymmetrical game that models the struggle of America and other western powers as they attempt to pacify the middle-east. It uses a similar card-driven design system much like Twilight Struggle, but it’s a very different game. Look out for the digital version’s Early Access release on February 27th, 2020.

Labyrinth Steam Early Access

No CB Episode 4

This is getting to be a grand-strategy-tastic week - T.J. Hafer’s new podcast covering everyone’s favourite new sub-genre just released their fourth episode, covering many of the topics we’ve talked about above:

AI War 2 has a makeover

The final news update for the week looks at AI War 2. It’s just had a new patch that changes so much, it’s almost like it’s now AI War 3. A lot of work has gone into beefing up the AI in particular to make it harder, so watch out for that. Read the mammoth update notes here.

That's all for this week - see you Monday!



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