Strategy Gamer Weekend Bulletin - July 26th, 2019

By Joe Robinson 26 Jul 2019 0

It's that time of the week again where we take stock of all of the other interesting strategy news and bits that have happened this week. Our favourite genre sometimes goes through ebbs and flows of activity, but quite often there are things we don't always get to do a full write-up on, so we like to take the time to summarise it all in our new weekly news bulletin. A lot of varied announcements for you this week, so let's get right to it.

Meanwhile, in the world of strategy games...

Bad North Gets Badder

Bad North is a pretty interesting ‘micro strategy’ game that released last year where the player needs to defend a series of islands for increasingly difficult waves of Viking-like raiders. You control a number of units of different classes and must position and manoeuvre them around the island to defend the buildings on the island. It was pretty neat, all things told, but we haven’t really checked in with it since… until today!

The developers have been hard at work at the ‘Jotun Edition’, which is a free update to the base game adding in new features, new units, new items new… everything! There’s a summary you can read here, but this is now the ‘definitive’ version of the game, and something that’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t jumped in in a while.

It’s Good to be Bad in Iratus: Lord of the Dead

Many games like to play around with the idea of the player’s being ‘evil’, and Iratus (from Daedalic) is another such enterprise. This is a new turn-based tactical roguelike/RPG game that looks to try and capitalise on the popularity of games like Darkest Dungeon and puts the player in charge of a Necromancer hell-bent on revenge.

It’s in Early Access, and the current plan is to remain there until at least April 2020, so this one will be a bit of a slow burn. You can read more about the EA road-map here.

Stronghold Warlords Spotlights

If you’re one of the many fans who are thrilled to hear of the return of Stronghold, you may want to pay attention to Firefly’s YouTube channel as they’ve just this week begun rolling out videos that will look at different aspects of the new Orient-themed entry.

The first video goes over some basic ground, like how troops interact with the environment (and each other) Walls, and other concerns fans have from earlier entries in the series.

New Game: Interstellar Space: Genesis

A new space 4X strategy game has emerged from the void, seeking to claim your money and your free time. Interstellar Space: Genesis has been on our radar for a while, but we haven’t looked into it much because it’s one of the few games we’ve seen recently not to bother with Steam Early Access (although it’s been running Alpha’s and Beta’s all through this year).

I’ve taken it for a quick spin and at first glance it seems like your usual space 4X flair, but it’s got some interesting systems we want to dig deeper into. Haven’t been able to test out combat yet, but it’s got a neat ship-designer, and exploration seems suitably meaty. So far, we like what we’ve seen, and we’ll get you a full review as soon as we can. It’s available via and Humble as well.

Oxygen Not Included Leaving Early Access

Speaking of Early Access, Klei Entertainment’s latest survival/sim outing – Oxygen Not Included – is due to leave EA as of next week. You’re put in charge of a crew who need to try and eek out a living inside an asteroid colony, where nothing is guaranteed, not even breathable air. It follows on from their fine survival tradition started in the Don’t Starve games.

ONI first launched in May 2017 and has spent that time slowly improving and tweaking itself with the final release scheduled for July 30th.

oxygen not included release date

All Northgard, All the Time

Northgard continues to expand and improve itself following its release last year, with its most recent activity adding a fourth DLC faction to the game. The Clan of the Kraken are a new sea-themed group who thrive on coastal territories, but not so much in-land. They’re available for $4.99/£3.99 as of today.

This is in addition to the other recent announcements regarding Northgard, namely the existence of a console edition, and a table-top board-game. There’s a big expansion coming this October as well called Northgard: Conquest, which we’re hoping to see at GamesCom.

Raiders of the North Sea Releases Next Tuesday

If you're a reader of our mobile gaming site you'll have spotted this news the other day, but popular worker-placement strategy board game Raiders of the North Sea will be getting a digital edition next week. Thanks to Direwolf Digital, our shores across PC & Mobile will be getting sacked on July 30th. I've been dabbling with Android version and it's a very slick adaptation - just the right amount of 3D and animation effects, but staying true to the original game's art-style.

Raiders has you placing down workers, hiring crew, and going on progressively more challenging raids in a bid gain the most fame, glory and/or loot. It's a Euro-style Victory Point game, but there are a few routes to victory.

That's all for this week's news round-up - seen anything else we've missed? Let us know in the comments and enjoy your weekends!



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