Strategy Gamer Weekend Bulletin: June 22nd, 2019

By Joe Robinson 22 Jun 2019 0

Welcome to a third edition of Strategy Gamer's weekend new bulletin, where we strive to bring you six or seven items from the world of strategy gaming that we didn't get to cover during the week. This is an on-going test of weekend content, so if you have any thoughts or feedback, do let us know!

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

Dota Underlords Open Beta

After a week of being in a closed beta for Dota 2 Battlepass owners, Valve’s official take on the Auto Chess phenomenon is no available in Open Beta as of last night. It’s not even been 24 hours yet and early reports indicate player numbers of around 120,000+. It’s also launched onto iOS and Android as well, and apparently the transition between playing a game on your PC to picking it up on your phone is ridiculously smooth.

Our early tests show promise – it’s definitely a prettier game and is setting some standards in terms of functionality and UI, however certain strategy-based mechanics are missing that I miss from the original game.

dota underlords ios

Teamfight Tactics Takes Off

Valve aren’t the only people getting into the Auto Chess game – Riot released their own version, Teamfight Tactics, as a mode for League of Legends earlier this week. It’s already topping the Twitch charts and breaking LoL’s PBE servers, so it’ll be interesting seeing how these two compare over time. Our friends over at PCGN have posted up a guide to Teamfight Tactics, if you’re interested.

teamfight tactics

Aeon’s End Enters Early Access

Aeon’s End is a co-operative Deckbuilding card game where players have to build up their decks and work together to defeat terrible monsters assaulting their city. It’s proven quite popular in the physical space, and now Handelabra – who are best known for porting Sentinels of the Multiverse to digital – are working on the digital port.

It entered into Steam Early Access yesterday and has a respectable mount of content, with the full suite of features due when It leaves (we expect) later this year.

Aeons End Early Access

Total War: Three Kingdoms X2

We’ve got two little bits of Three Kingdoms news today. Firstly, despite launching towards the end of the month, our friends at PCGN have reported that 3K was May’s third best-selling game in terms of physical sales. This is via some data released by the NPD Group.

Secondly, the usual ‘Blood Pack’ DLC has been released – titled Reign of Blood Effects. It costs £1.99 / $2.99, and adds the usual gore and blood you’d expect from this DLC.

Steel Division 2 Released

While Steel Division largely exists in ‘war game’, territory, that hasn’t stopped it capturing some mainstream strategy attention over the years, even from us. Anyone who was a fan of Steel Division: Normandy ’44 and doesn’t already know about the sequel, you may be interested in knowing that Steel Division 2 released last Thursday. Our sister-site should have a review ready for next week.

Nowhere Prophet Release Date

One last piece of strategy card game news, post-apocalyptic roguelike/deck-builder Nowhere Prophet has a release date. It will launch on July 19th for $24.99 / £19.49. Away from the battlegrounds of Battle Royales and Auto Chess-likes, combining roguelike and card game mechanics seems to have really become a ‘thing’ amongst indie developers recently, which is why you’re seeing a lot crop up.

Nowhere Prophet is quite interesting in the sense that your cards represent your people, and if any of them ‘die’ during a match too many times the card is destroyed, never to be used again. This Means you have to be careful about how you execute your strategy and think of the long-game.

Thanks for reading - enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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