Strategy Gamer Weekend Bulletin: June 29th, 2019

By Joe Robinson 29 Jun 2019 0

Welcome to the fourth edition of our new weekend news bulletin, where we try to serve up six or seven stories from the world of strategy games that you may of missed, or that we didn't have a chance to cover during the week.

As always this is a work in progress so any feedback that you have is appreciated.

Meanwhile, in the world of strategy games...

Jon Shafer’s At the Gates

Mr. Shafer has been rather quiet since he (finally) released his Dark Age-themed historical 4X game At the Gates. He’s now released the second major update for the game which focuses on improving how the Roman factions interact with the world, UI and usability fixes for managing your clans, as well as a whole host of other changes.

We liked the game when it first released but it was definitely rough around the edges, and we’re glad Jon is finding the time to keep plugging away.

Warhammer 40,000 Gladius

The ‘Civ-meets-40K’ 4X strategy game from Slitherine is getting another expansion pack. The Chaos Space Marines DLC adds the classic foes of the Imperium of Man, so now they get their turn at invading a planet I suspect no-one actually wants. It will release on July 18th via Steam and direct via their website.

chaos space marines

Auto Chess Fever

Now that Valve have got their own Auto Chess game on the market, communities from their other games have started to play around with that an Auto Chess game in their world might look like. Take this CS:GO experimentation, for example, and bask in the wonder of what could be.

Teamfight Tactics Open Beta

In other Auto Battler news (and there’s always other Auto Battler news at this point), Riot’s own League of Legends-themed take on Auto Chess is now out in Open Beta. Mainly in NA and EU, but it’s also rolling out to other territories over time.

Total War: Three Kingdoms 1.1 Patch

You remember us reporting about the first patch for Three Kingdoms entering beta, well now it’s out for realises, and you can read the full patch notes here.

Gloomhaven Teaser Trailer

Asmodee Digital are becoming a powerhouse in digital board game ports, and one of their next ‘big’ projects is a digital adaptation of the gigantic dungeon crawler legacy game Gloomhaven. It’s going to be hitting Early Access sometime soon, but you can check out their new teaser trailer while you wait. Personally, I want that Scythe mobile port they’ve been promising…

More Age of Mythology?

In a final parting shot, some further E3 news has emerged this week. Speaking to Eurogamer, the team at Microsoft have confirmed that that mythological Age of Empires spin-off will be getting some love in the not too distant future. A patch for the Extended Edition is definitely in the works, and then the developers will be considering what else to do with the franchise once they’ve taken care of re-remakes of the first three games along with Age of Empires 4.

That's all for this week - enjoy your weekends, and we'll see you Monday!



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