Strategy Games News Bulletin, March 6th 2020

By Joe Robinson 06 Mar 2020 0

It’s been a pretty great week for announcements - first we had the official reveal of the new EU4 expansion, then the announcement for Realpolitiks II AND THEN we heard that a new Total War DLC is also in the works. Madness! That’s not to mention we also dropped reviews of RimWorld’s new expansion, Here Be Dragons as well as the surprising and entertaining Corruption 2029.

I ask you, just what else is left to talk about?

Oh right...

Humble Rumble

There’s still four days left on the TableTop bundle we posted about the other week, but two more interesting Humble happening have also appeared you might want to know about.

humble build your own bundle paradox interactive

First up, there’s a general RPG sale that’s only got three days left to go. A lot of this isn’t usually stuff we’d cover, but there are games like Pathway, Wasteland 2 and Darkest Dungeon discounted which do fall more within our remit.

There’s a lot of Paradox activities happening this week as well, including:

Last but not least, Paradox are sponsoring a ‘build your own’ bundle deal. You can choose up to five games, with better discounts being applied the more you buy. If you don’t buy at least three, you only get the default discounts but buy between 3 - 5 and a new discount of up to 85% will apply instead. This BYO bundle is also running for the next week or so. Remember, we're affiliated so we get a bit of money if you do decide to buy something.

Recap: Stellaris Federations Release Date

Since we missed out on reporting the news last week, just thought I’d drop it here again in case anyone didn’t get the memo. Stellaris: Federations finally has a release date. You’ll be able to experience a brand-new Diplomacy layer come March 17th, 2020.

Phoenix Point Dev Q&A

Another thing we missed from the previous week is the first of a new series of Dev Q&A’s from the developers of Phoenix Point. They want to take some time to answer questions from their community on various issues, and this first video has details about the upcoming 1st DLC Blood and Titanium.

New Surviving The Aftermath Update

The fifth major update for Surviving The Aftermath just dropped. Titled ‘Sanctuary’, this is another update that focuses on the colony/shanty building portion of the game, with a specific view towards catastrophes. More buildings have been added and old ones tweaked to be able to deal with the catastrophes as they crop up. There’s also been an update to how bartering with other NPC colonies works. Behold, a Sauna!

surviving the aftermath sauna

Labyrinth Early Access Delayed Till next week

We’ve been waiting for Playdek’s Labyrinth digital port for a while now, but It seems last week’s Early Access launch hasn’t quite gone according to plan. Delays resulting from Steam’s review process has meant the planned release has been pushed till next week, at the earliest.

That’s everything for this week - I don’t plan on being on holiday again anytime soon, so usual service will resume in terms of Friday updates.



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