Strategy Gamer Weekend Bulletin - October 4th, 2019

By Joe Robinson 04 Oct 2019 0

It's been another excellent week for strategy games - plenty of news and intriguing new announcements to get caught up on. We're entering the final few months of 2019, but there's still the busy release season of October/November, so hopefully they'll be plenty to keep us on our toes going forward.

Rebel Inc. Heading to Steam

If you’re a reader of our sister website Pocket Tactics, you might have spotted our review of Rebel Inc. From the creators of Plague Inc., this is a occupation management/sim strategy where you’re in charge of a Coalition forces trying to rebuild war-torn regions after a conflict. Think of the work done in Afghanistan and Iraq after those conflicts resolve themselves, including the Insurgency battles, and that’s what Rebel Inc. is about.

It proved very popular on mobile, and now it’s coming to PC via Steam Early Access as Rebel Inc. Escalation. It’s due to land sometime this month, and stay in Beta until sometime next year. We’re not sure how it’ll differ from the mobile version but feature mentioned to be included involve a Campaign, Co-Op, Multiplayer and a scenario creator. This is definitely one to watch.

Paradox tease next Grand Strategy Game - is not Victoria 3

We’re expecting a lot of news to come out of PDXCon in a couple of weeks, one of which being the announcement of Paradox’s next fully-fledged grand strategy game developed by the internal studio.

Seems a little bit soon to be announcing a new game when Imperator: Rome probably still needs a bit of work, but Paradox have made their post-release content model for internal titles very efficient now, so I imagine there’s plenty of room for both titles to thrive. All we know so far that it’s not Victoria 3, allegedly, and that the game’s Producer, Linda, was standing in front of a suite of armour with a really long sword. Crusader Kings 3, perhaps? It would be about time for it, although CK2 has had a new lease of life recently.

Auto Chess to head to Switch & PS4 next year?

Gaming website Gamatsu has done a translation of this page from PC Watch, which states that the Auto-Chess sensation, Auto Chess, will be coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch next year. I mean, great, but the stand-alone Epic-exclusive PC version still needs to release, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The ‘OG’ Auto-Battler is still trundling along, with Dota Underlords and TeamFight Tactics currently rising as challengers.

A Year of Rain Early Access

Yesterday we posted up some thoughts on A Year of Rain, a new upcoming RTS from Daedalic that's got some neat ideas, but we worry it'll struggle against fan indifference. Especially with the likes of Warcraft 3 Remaster and Age of Empires 4 in the works.

Still, anyone not in the closed beta that wants to try it for themselves won't have long to wait - the game will enter into Steam Early Access on November 6th.

New Game: Yes, Your Grace

The Publisher behind the excellent punk-themed Nowhere Prophets Deck-Building game is back with a new title salted for next year. Yes, Your Grace is a narrative-driven Kingdom Management RPG with a visual style reminiscent of Kingdom: Two Crowns. You are the King charge of a fictional Medieval Kingdom, and you must spend your time listening to petitioners, supporting your family, and making decisions for the good of the realm.

There will be a heavy emphasis on telling a story through choice, but there will also be plenty of meaty management and strategy as well, as you'll need to hire underlings to aid you in your rule, and make decisions that will affect your entire Kingdom. Check out the Steam page for more information.

The Red Solstice 2: Survivors Alpha

We're a little late with this one, but the sequel to the popular real-time tactical game from 2015 has opened up an Early Alpha build that people can sign up and participate in. Red Solstice 2 brings back the real-time tactical squad action of the first game and combines it with a deep strategy layer featuring resource management and research. You can play alone or co-op in a squad of up to eight people.

There are also eight classes of troop type to unlock and develop. You can sign up for the Alpha here. There is currently no stated release window, although we may get lucky and see this appear next year.

That's all we have for you this week - don't forgot to flag up anything else you've spotted in the comments!



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