September 26th, 2018: Meanwhile, in strategy games…

By Joe Robinson 26 Sep 2018 0

We’re back with another look at some of the more interesting news items to surface to the top of our favourite genre over the weekend and past few days.

Total War: Warhammer 2 DLC

Apart from fending off controversy because of there being too many womens about, Creative Assembly have also been teasing the impending arrival of new content for their fantasy series. All we have is an image shared via the Total War twitter account and a date – October 4th.

That’s next Thursday, to save you looking up your calendars, and we expect to hear more then. There’s lots of speculation about, although PCGN seem to think that it could be to do with Albion: we’ve also seen previous hints revolving around halflings, and potentially pirates. It’s been confirmed that this announcement is definitely for Warhammer 2, so we don’t expect anything bigger than an expansion.

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

A quick dev diary update for Deadlock – in the previous dev diary the team mentioned they were adding new geographical elements and hazards to tactical battles. In the most recent diary, the team go on to explain how their random map generator will be tweaked to handle these new potential environmental twists.

“Once the generator knows what to make the environment out of, it takes great pains to construct shapes and bodies that provide interesting gameplay choices, while providing a sense of scale to the battling fleets. The generator has been balanced to avoid blanketing an environment with hostile terrain, and provide both the player and the Cylon AI with new and interesting tactical choices to make.”

Space Hulk: Tactics Genestealer Campaign

Focus Home Interactive dropped a trailer that goes In-depth into how the Genestealers play in their upcoming thousandth adaptation of Games Workshop’s classic boardgame.

Space Hulk: Tactics tries to go back to the game’s roots by offering asymmetrical turn-based gameplay combined with card play. The Genestealers play vastly differently to the Space Marines in terms of how they spawn on the map, and what their objectives are. As the video denotes, Genesteler units are initially represented as Auspex blips until they are revealed, after which they will spawn 1-3 Genestealers. The tactical dimensions of this are incredibly thematic, allowing the genestealer player to have an authentic game while also still evoking the hidden, stealthy nature of the Genestealers. The cards are used to convert blips into stronger units, as well as other tricks.

Surviving Mars Sagan Update and Price Drop

Paradox Interactive have announced more details of the upcoming Sagan update for their near-future colony/survival management game Surviving Mars. The headline feature will be the inclusion of 24 new challenges that will make the game harder for veteran players. These new difficulty modifiers will be rated, and come with a time limit, and will otherwise come with unique requirements and presets.

That's all for this week's update, enjoy the rest of your week.



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