Stronghold heads east with the newly announced Stronghold Warlords

By Joe Robinson 11 Jun 2019 0

The Stronghold games are a classic strategy franchise, part city (or castle) builder, part RTS as you build up your stronghold and defend your realm against invaders (or attack other strongholds, depending on the game). It’s had it’s ups and downs, but generally has struggled to break away from the lofted legacy of the original games despite many valiant attempts.

Firefly have announced the next iteration in the series at this year E3 show in LA – Stronghold: Warlords. It’s generally set in Asia, spanning a period from 3rd Century BC China, to the Mongol invasions of 1200, and is the first in the series to try and model the castle-economies of the period, from Samurai Strongholds, to the fortified cities you would find in China.

One of the headline new features will be presence of AI Warlords on the map, who will own and develop mini-strongholds of their own and each will be possess unique traits and behaviours that can benefit you if you manage to recruit them. They can also be upgraded and commanded, taking care of tasks ranging from securing a border, to coordinating an invasion, to boost your own economy.

There will be historical campaigns, multiplayer and offline skirmishes and new Gunpowder-based Siege weapons. We don’t know much else at this point – the game’s not due out until 2020, but we’ll let you know when we learn more.



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