Surviving the Aftermath Launches into Early Access Today

By Joe Robinson 19 Oct 2019 0

You’ll remember not so long ago Paradox teased the existing of a new game they were working on called Surviving the Aftermath. Developed by Finnish developer Iceflake Studios, it’s a new game set within the evolving Surviving franchise that started with Haemimont’s Surviving Mars.

In a Surviving Mars meets Rimworld meets Frostpunk mash up of ideas and mechanics, you must guide a group of humans who’ve survived an apocalypse and help them rebuild society. Scavenge resources, build shelters and, eventually, go out into the world and find other survivors and more advanced resources.

While the existence of the game isn’t news, the fact that it’s already available for everyone to play is unexpected. From Paradox’s perspective, they got a bunch of really interesting feedback on Surviving Mars and ways it could be improved, feedback the publisher wished they’d gotten before the game released. To try and get those insights early, they’ve decided to once again try out the Early Access route.

In a slightly controversial move, Surviving the Aftermath is only going to be available in EA via the Epic Games Store (and Xbox Game Preview, if you’re on console). PS4 owners and anyone who still considers themselves Steam-only will have to wait until the game’s 1.0 release sometime in 2019. For the moment, the studio have committed to monthly updates, with the first two focusing on the colony game, and then the world map.

We were able to go hands-on with Aftermath at the show and it was definitely interesting. The post-apocalyptic nature of the setting really does give weight to the resource scavenging and management of what you’re using where, although the environment doesn’t seem to have Frostpunk’s permanently ominous feel via the encroaching cold. It also clearly shares some DNA with Surviving Mars in terms how buildings and resources are utilized.

Surviving the Aftermath World Map

What was quite fascinating and something we weren’t able to explore enough was the ‘World Map’. It’s something you can unlock right way, but when you do it allows you start sending special ‘Leader’ characters out into the world to explore. Advanced resources are generally only found on the world map, as well as ‘currently’ the Research resource, but you can also find bandits and other survivors, and a lot of the game’s narrative events seem to come from the World Map. It’s still pretty early days so the game had a hint of tameness about it - there wasn’t much of a challenge, but we’ll probably bring you a more detailed write-up at a later date. It’s definitely one to keep an eye on though, even if you’re not interested in participating in Early Access.

Surviving the Aftermath is due to leave Early Access and Release on PC (Steam, EGS), Xbox One and Playstation 4 sometime in the later part of 2020.



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