This is your chance to bring Sword of the Stars back from the dead

By Joe Robinson 27 Jan 2020 0

Sword of the Stars was an excellent 4X strategy game, and Kerberos really were pioneers of their time. From races that genuinely behaved differently to each, to a Total War style turn-based strategic layer and a real-time space combat layer, it was an excellent template with which to make future space 4X games.

We won’t talk about Sword of the Stars 2.

But still, SotS 1 deserves a place in history as one of the best space 4X games of all time. It hasn’t really aged particularly well, as it was originally released in 2006 but I’m sure a HD remake could fix that…

Sadly, there isn’t one being worked on. Yet.

Thanks to a speculation post on Kerberos’ official forums, the community there got Kerberos to lay down a challenge. Get 30,000 signatures on a petition, and they’d consider creating a Kickstarter for doing a HD remake of Sword of the Stars.

The petition is already up and running, and you can put your name down here if a Sword of the Stars HD project is something you could get behind.



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