Teamfight Tactics is going intergalactic

By Ian Boudreau 21 Feb 2020 0

Teamfight Tactics' second 'season' or set is winding down, and that means a new one is right around the corner. Set Three is called TFT: Galaxies, and it takes the idea of changing up the rules further by introducing all new galaxies that will radically change the way each game plays out.

The current season is Rise of the Elements, and the unique mechanic for this set has been Elemental Hexes. You'll have seen these special hexes on the board if you've played TFT this season - earth, ocean, inferno, and cloud hexes each confer different bonuses to champions placed on them, and they can appear just about anywhere on the board.

In TFT: Galaxies, Riot's developers explain that they want to push this concept further than they were able to with Rise of the Elements. With this set, they can add new rules variants over the course of the season. One idea is the Neekoverse Galaxy, which gives each player two Neeko's Help items at the start of the game. That means you have a new strategic choice: do you use the Neeko's Helps to create a two-star champ early on, or save them up for a rarer, more expensive champion later in the game? Each different galaxy will present its own spin on TFT's rules, and players will have to adapt their strategies to fit each game.

Set Three will of course also include its own new roster of champions and traits, as well as new boards, skins, and Little Legends to collect. You can play TFT for free by downloading the League of Legends client from Riot, and it'll be coming to mobile before too long.



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