Teamfight Tactics Tips: Ten Things you Need to Know

By Edward Mass 28 Jan 2020 0

Riot has predictably jumped on the DOTA Auto Chess bandwagon and is fiercely attempting to defend its status as the premier successor to the original DOTA in all its game modes. Engaging, addicting, and ever-changing, TeamFight Tactics has been wildly popular and the game style is a success on every MOBA (and even some card games) out there.

This guide will help any new player take up this interesting game mode and provide some insights to seasoned veterans. Now, let's' get down to business:


There's a reason why a lot of TFT guides last about as long as left out milk: the game is constantly evolving. The primary cause of this evolution is the rapid pace by which new patches are delivered to re-balance the game mode as well as add new features. New synergies such as “Lunar” were only just recently added.

As such, new overpowered team comps and item combinations are being discovered all the time. This is an exciting time to try out something new and relatively short lived until a new patch comes along that adjusts to everyone's complaints about what's OP right now (Olaf bit the dust recently as did Blademasters just to name a few.)

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Have some fun and see if you can find some broken combination that the designers had not anticipated and exploit it thoroughly until a new patch nerfs it.


As everyone knows, every ten gold saved up equates to an extra gold each round. Wins and win streaks (as well as lose streaks) also contribute passively to extra gold. This is essential to balance with all the other expenses.

Let's give one example: you could definitely level up right now and put in another champion or you could save up that extra money to make sure you're at that 30 gold sweet spot for extra interest. Many times, one ought to save up, but leveling up could make sure your win streak of 5 wins isn't broken. In the end, protecting the win streak could net more money in the long run than the short term interest gold now. These are the calculations a veteran player needs to make and master on the fly.


Silver champions—champions created out of three bronze level champions—are not all created equal. Self-healing Silver champions such as Vlad and Renekton (in the current build) are exceptionally good value compared to some of their other silver tier counterparts because of how resilient they are in the early game. Often, having just one of these champions in the early game guarantees a win streak.

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When browsing for champions for your stable, try to prioritize making triplets. Who knows, collecting them early might yield a gold-tier version later on.


Everyone shares the same champion pool which means that you could actually get a good idea of the likelihood of seeing a champion in the pool if you look at who owns what. Combined with your current summoner level, you can get a rough idea on if you should keep rerolling to find that golden version of Veigar, for example. Keep in mind that this also means that you could deny an enemy from achieving the final form of their champion if you control enough of the copies! Learn to purchase champions as a preventative measure as well. An important thing to keep in mind is that these champions will return to the pool once an enemy dies. So make sure you kill the ones hoarding all of your Olafs!

The number of champions per tier list changes all the time, so be diligent and look up fast updating sites to see how many tier 5 champions will be in the pool, for example. This will tell you if it's worth trying to find that third Singed.


Related to counting champions above, any good player will know that to know your enemy and know yourself is to win every engagement—or so Sun Tzu would say. Thus, scout out what synergies and champions your enemies are running and adapt accordingly. Fighting a heavy mage team, for example? Try to build a Dragon's Claw or splash in a mystic synergy for more survivability.

Scouting enemy synergies will also help you figure out where all of the champions are going of one synergy type so that you can avoid being deprived in the long run by fighting over the same champions. If someone has more Berserkers than you, for example, it might not be a good synergy to pursue unless you think you can out-purchase them in the long term.

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With the map recently expanded to add more hexes, location is still a key factor in determining victory. If you scouted a Berserker team, for example, you may want to position your back line further away from your front line so that their cone splash damage doesn't get your back line.

Running an Ocean team with a Nami? Place her in the corner to maximize getting as many enemies in her wave. Running a poison team? Put that Singed close to where the largest cluster of mana dependent casters are and you'll have a good time. Is your backline getting eaten alive by assassins? Put a bunch in a defensive curl so that they'll have to fight all the way into the corner to get to your squishies. These are just some examples of how better positioning combined with scouting can really deliver a decisive blow.


Certain items just multiply in value on certain champions. Look at how each item synergizes with certain synergies and abilities. For example, a Frozen Gauntlet triggers on Jax's ultimate. A Titanic Hydra is wasted on a Berserker team since they already do cone damage anyway. A Redemption triggers on all of the Zed clones. Seraphs Embrace makes Kindred hop around all the time. Some champions don't use mana or have AP ratios so some items are wasted on them. Keep all of these in mind and you should be able to maximize your team comp. Remember that this is a general tip because the items and champions change almost every patch and what may be good one week is erased later.


Everyone knows that aiming a positron rifle requires adjusting for Earth's rotation and gravity. It's the same complicated mess when vying for champions at the different carousels. Keep in mind in which direction the carousel is spinning because it might be faster to actually run counter-clockwise to get your champion before your opponent does. While it's almost impossible to control the order one receives in choosing the champion since it's based on one's performance, just remember that it is a tradeoff to consider that losing early may allow you to choose your item components more deliberately.

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Remember that you aren't facing the same opponent all the time. If it's absolutely impractical for you to change your team comp to fight an enemy team that's beating you, adapt to the other team comps instead and hope that one of your opponents has the countercomp to the guy that can beat you. In essence, game theory your way into letting your opponents take care of your most vicious adversary and survive long enough to defeat them in turn. Instead of striking where you know you'll lose, focus your energies on building team comps against the enemies you can beat and hope that the law of averages allows you to have enough HP to make it into the final circles.


Finally, seeking a victory condition is not just about incremental upgrades for your team. If, for example, you find that you simply are not going to win no matter how high you upgrade your current champions, you may want to sell extra copies in order to get enough money to level up or find that elusive Lux that has your synergy. Find the win condition and sacrifice everything else to get it. If you're just climbing ladder and hedging your bets, that's understandable, but if you want a chance at the top, then you have to learn how to prioritize getting that final Leblanc to complete your assassin team, for example, rather than just rerolling to find a golden Diana. Be flexible enough to know when to sacrifice a really highly upgraded champion in order to get the synergy you need to defeat late game enemies. If it's you and the final two opponents and they're both Wardens, it might actually be necessary to finish that Desert synergy above all else.

We hope that these tips will start you on the path to mastering this ever changing game mode. May these provide all of you tacticians out there a basic understanding of the underlying principles that can separate a casual player from a true strategy gamer.



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