Terraforming Mars PC Beta Appears

By Joe Robinson 02 Jul 2018 0

Asmodee Digital have been taking more active steps in the way they develop their digital boardgame ports. You may remember that they previously launched a beta for Scythe: Digital Edition, the adaptation of the hit 1920+ strategy game of the same name.

Terraforming Mars’ digital edition is the latest game to join the roster of betas available; players will be able to play through the game’s tutorial, and the devs are interested in feedback on the following points:

  • Do you enjoy the art style?
  • If you're a newcomer to Terraforming Mars: did you enjoy the tutorial?
  • If you're a veteran of Terraforming Mars: did you enjoy the tutorial?

Known issues with the beta is that it’s quite challenging, and there are a couple of bugs with regards to repeat cards and arrow placement.


Unfortunately, it appears at the time of writing, there are no spare steam keys left. Asmodee digital only released a limited run, and no word yet on when, or if, more keys will be released. Remember; you need to have signed up for a free Asmodee account in order to access their beta area.

We’ll keep you posted if more keys are released.



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