The Settlers returns after almost a decade – new game and HD collection announced!

By Joe Robinson 21 Aug 2018 0

Well, that’s one way to start GamesCom I guess. If the announced of Stellaris on console didn’t get your blood pumping, then how about a brand new Settlers title?

A great RTS series returns, but will it have what it takes to join our list of the best RTS games around?

Ubisoft kicked off their own GamesCom activity with the announcement that Blue Byte, the creators of the classic RTS/City-Building franchise The Settlers, is returning to their creation after nearly ten years. A new Settlers game was announced, as well as HD remasters of all seven main Settlers games which will be bundled together in what’s being called The Settlers History Collection.

Apart from The Settlers Online in 2011 (which nobody counts), there hasn’t been a Settlers release since The Settlers 7: Paths to Kingdom in 2010. A remake of 2001’s The Settlers IV was also released that year titled The Settlers HD; although this for Android and iOS devices and was developed by Gameloft. Blue Byte have spent the past few years working on new titles in the Anno franchise, as well as web browser versions of other classic IPs. They’re even credited with helping in the development of competitive medieval hack’n’slash For Honor.

Apart from the above trailer, the only other information we have is that the new Settlers game is due out in 2018, while the History Collection is slated for a release on November 15th this year.

What was your favourite entry in the Settler series? And what would you like to see in this new version?



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