The Settlers delayed indefinitely

By Marcello Perricone 03 Jul 2020 0

Since we've been talking about Anno so much these past couple of weeks, it seems fitting to report on the latest development from The Settlers' saga. Made by Blue Byte studio in Germany -- the same people behind Anno -- and originally debuting in 1993, The Settlers franchise went into a hiatus around 2010 until being resurrected in 2018 with an announcement at gamescom. The new game -- simply called The Settlers -- had a tentative release date of late 2019/somewhere 2020, but it has now been indefinitely delayed.

According to a message posted on the game's website, the decision was made to ensure the game's quality matches expectations. "The additional time will be used to address your feedback and deliver the best 'The Settlers' game possible. While we cannot provide a new release date yet, rest assured we will keep you updated", said the team in a shared message. You can read the full statement below:

settlers delayed july 2020

The Settlers is expected to be a real time strategy title focused on city building and large populations, almost like a feudal Cities: Skylines with more action. Interestingly, Blue Byte is reportedly using the proprietary Snowdrop Engine to develop the game -- the same engine used by Massive Entertainment's The Division games.

The Settlers will be out... when it's out, really. We'll keep you updated on new developments, so check back this space.



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