The Strategy Gamer’s Guide to the Steam Winter Sale 2018

By Marcello Perricone 26 Dec 2018 0

It's that time of the year again -- the time when we're able to pick up a range of games on the cheap to pad out the library of games we’re never going to play. Until the 3rd of January, Steam's 2018 Winter Sale will see virtually it's entire catalogue discounted, providing you with the the chance to buy new games and we with the opportunity to tell you what to get. 

As 2018 comes to end, here are Steam's best strategy games.

Best 4X Games


4X games are a starved genre lately, what with fewer launches every year and even fewer that are actually good. We got a list of 4X recommendations , but which ones are really worth your money right now?

In the sci-fi space, Paradox Interactive’s Stellaris is so far unbeaten. Fresh off two extremely polarizing yet enjoyable free expansions, the 4X is enjoying a huge 75% discount, with DLC' ranging from 33% to 75% off (aside from the latest paid expansion Megacorps, which is undiscounted).

  • Make sure you check our DLC guide so you know what you’re buying.

The sequel to the now excellent Civilization VCivilization VI is 70% off on its normal and deluxe versions, and 68% on the Gold Edition, which includes the interesting Rise and Fall expansion. It may not be as good as Civ V, but it's certainly trying its best to get there.

On the fantasy side, Triumph Studios’ Age of Wonders III is practically being given away, with both the base game being sold at a 75% discount,and the complete collection at 66%. Triumph is now owned by Paradox Interactive and are working on the very exciting Age of Wonders: Planetfall. The fantasy-themed AoW3 though is still a great game in its own right, and well worth picking up if you’re looking for a decent Civilization alternative.

Squad Turn-Based Strategy Games

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Arguably one of the best squad tactics games and strategy franchises of all time, Firaxis’ XCOM 2 and all associated DLC are on sale during this event. The base game is enjoying a 75% off, while the Collection including the absolutely essential War of the Chosen is 72% off. DLC are all 50% off if bought separately.

Mech game BATTLETECH, created by the legendary Harebrained Schemes (and now also owned by Paradox), is 40% off for the first time ever. Its DLC and season pass are boith shamefully full price.

Check one of our writers' turn based games recommendations for more noteworthy titles.

Real-Time Strategy Games

frostpunk fall of winterhome update

One of the best games of 2018, Frostpunk, is 33% off. A city builder with a heavy dose of snow and even bigger dose of heart, this unique take on city building deserves to be on your library.

Another brilliant game, SEGA's Two Point Hospital is a humorous and mesmerising take on the management genre. It's made by the same people behind Theme Hospital and is its spiritual successor, for better or for worse. 

For more titles, check out more real time strategy recommendations.

Have you seen any other great strategy games on sale? Picked up anything already? Let us know in the comments!



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