Thrones of Britannia declares Its Allegiance with new Update

By Joe Robinson 29 Aug 2018 0

Thrones of Britannia may be one of the more divisive Total War games, but it’s fighting hard for its place in Creative Assembly’s pantheon of epic historical grand-strategy games. Yes, I’m calling them grand-strategy now, don’t @ me.

A major update dropped today called ‘Allegiance’, which has been in beta testing for the past month or so. It changes a lot.

First up, you have the Allegiance mechanic itself: As described by CA, it’s essentially a cross between the Religion mechanic of ATTILA and the Culture mechanic from Rome 2, adding a sub-game that’s meant to add an historically authentic new dimension to the game. It can affect everything from tax income, to public order, and character loyalty.

Then you have ‘Decrees’ which act in a similar fashion to ‘Rite’s from Total War: Warhammer II:

“...Decrees screen allows the player to enact one of 4 different decrees that give bonuses to their faction for a number of turns. These could be bonuses to unit replenishment, big increases to research rate, or triggering Expeditions for the Viking Sea Kings”

And this Is just the tip of the iceberg – the two pagan factions (Dyflin & Sudreyar) get a new starting bonus, there’s been a revision of building trees and tiers; estates and politics have been given a pass… the list, literally, goes on and on.

We suggest reading the official blog post in full, although you may want to give yourself a bit of time to digest everything that’s going on. One thing’s for sure, Britannia is probably going to be a changed game going forward.

Britannia Blood

In other news, the obligatory gore DLC has also been released for Thrones of Britannia. You know the deal by now – it adds blood and core and body parts, just in case you need a reminder about how legitimately horrible war is.

If it’s any consolation, if you happened to buy the ATTILA version of this DLC – Blood & Burning – you actually get Britannia’s version (Blood, Sweat & Spears) for free.

Let us know what you think you of the new update – what else do you think they could do to improve the game?



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