Total War Arena gets its first Public Test Server today

By Joe Robinson 04 Apr 2018 0

Creative Assembly have released their very first Public Test Server for the Total War spin-off title Total War ARENA.

The server went live this morning at 10:00 UTC and is available to anyone – all you need to do is download the PTS client from the Game Center.

The primary purpose of the PTS is to invite players to experience and feedback on new content before it’s released to the public. Players will have opportunities to try out new units, commanders, maps, and more. They will be surveyed for their opinions on this content, as well as wider gameplay mechanics and balance. These responses and insights will be taken on board by the development team.

The team also also stated that this is the first time they’ve ever done a PTS, so expect some teething issues although we'd expect veterans should be able to help them in this regard.

Content Creators can also publish and make videos of anything they see in the PTS.

The first version of the PTS, Version 3.1, will be looking at balance changes (including Elephants), premium units & new abilities.

You can find out more from the original announcement, which includes and FAQ. Total War: ARENA recently launched into Open Beta.



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