Total War: Rome 2's new Desert Kingdoms DLC is out now

By Joe Robinson 08 Mar 2018 0

For all the grief it got Total War: Rome 2 is still one of Creatives Assembly’s most popular games right now. In December 2017, it still had over 7,500 players, and seemed to generally hold around the 5-6K before that.

This is probably the main reason why we’re still getting DLC for a four-year old game. Other than Romans are cool and this is actually a pretty good game when it wants to be, of course.

Focusing on the Arabian peninsular and parts of North Africa, the Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack adds in four new playable factions: The African/Arabian Kingdoms of Kush, Saba, Nabataea and then the Masaesyli (which are of Numidian origin).

Each of the factions get their own unique units and building trees, although realistically these are re-skins of existing units. There may be some tweaks here and there but at the end of the day the Camel Cataphracts are still just lancer-based cavalry.

But the factions themselves have all been given a role to play, which is good. The Kush, for example, are more of a trade focused faction, while the Nabataeans are actually pretty advanced for the period, featuring a note-worthy level of gender equality within their society. They have a bonus when dealing with Rome and some of their units can use Roman tactics.

The Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack may not be as sweeping or expansive as last year’s Empire Divided expansion, but Creative Assembly are hopefully taking a small page from Paradox’s book in the sense that they’re seeing the value of giving some TLC to under-utilised regions.


Don’t forget, a free update accompanying this DLC launches at the same time that adds prominent female figures, events and faction leaders. The level of involvement female characters can have depends on the faction you pick, but you can have female generals leading armies, if you want. You should check out the official patch notes to see the full list of Queens that have been added to the game, mainly for the Grand Campaign, but a couple for Imperator Augustus as well. Other changes include a new resource, the reintroduction of Guard Mode and a Mod filter.

The Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack is available via Steam for £6.99 / $9.99.



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