Total War: Rome 2 is getting review-bombed over female characters

By Ian Boudreau 24 Sep 2018 2

The recent ‘Ancestral Update’ to Total War: Rome II has resulted in hordes of angry players leaving negative reviews on the game’s Steam page. While Rome 2 currently has a ‘Mostly Positive’ rating based on player reviews, recent reviews are ‘Mostly Negative,’ and it seems to stem from complaints over women showing up in Roman-era armies.

Recent reviews are almost uniformly screaming about the sudden introduction of women into ancient formations. Some complain that in saved games, male generals have been retroactively changed into women.

As our friends at PCGamesN report, this sudden outcry may not be based entirely on the truth. A YouTuber by the name of Republic of Play has done a bit of research into the situation:

As he points out, even after the latest update, female generals can only be recruited by specific cultures - and Rome isn’t one of them. And when he looked at the game data, he found that the birth rate for male characters in Rome II is 65 percent - certainly not historically accurate, but not in the direction the review-bombers are complaining about. And female generals only show up at about a 10-15 percent rate across the board.

Look, it’s no secret that we love Total War: Rome II around these parts. It’s a fantastic game now, even after a rocky launch - and it's one that's only gotten better in the five years since then. The furor over this recent update seems like another tempest in a teapot ginned up by YouTubers who have an axe to grind.

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