Total War: Rome 2 Receives New 'Desert Kingdoms' Culture Pack DLC

By Joe Robinson 20 Feb 2018 0

Nearly five years after release, the much-troubled Total War: Rome II is getting yet another piece of DLC, following on from last year’s Empire Divided expansion.


The Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack adds four new playable factions; The Kingdoms of Kush, Saba, Nabatea and Masaesyli. The first three are part of the African/Arabian sub-culture, while Masaesyli is of Numidian origin.

Each faction will come with its own set of unique units, building chains, technology trees, and they will also share the same culture traits:

Desert Warriors: Bonus to morale in desert battles and bonus income from agriculture
Deep-rooted Traditions: Penalty to research rate

In addition to the new culture pack, there will be a free update that’s simply titled ‘Female Leaders’.

Cleopatra and Teuta are now fully playable as faction leaders and generals. In addition. ALL campaigns and factions have had a strong female influence added in. Where possible (as in, the historical role of women within a culture allowed for), women have been included as generals and military leaders, as well as the social/political influential roles many of them had:

For cultures where women can’t hold public offices there is a special “Cursus Honorum” path that follows the increase in “behind-the-stage” political influence of women. There are special events (dilemmas) that portray the trials and tribulations associated with women coming to power in ancient times. Usually, there are traditions and prejudice standing in the way. Such events allow the player to recruit a female leader or gain some other bonuses from parties that would oppose such a decision.

Faction leaders of opposite genders can now also marry as a diplomatic action, which will strengthen the relationship between the two entities significantly.

Total War: Rome II – Desert Kingdoms will release on March 8th, and is available for pre-order now.



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