Total War: Rome II Empire Divided DLC Announced

By Marcello Perricone 08 Nov 2017 0

Total War: Rome II is a great game, besides what popular opinion would lead you to believe. Launched in 2013, to this day Rome II has more concurrent players than Shogun II, Attila, and Medieval II combined. Four years after launch and three years after the release date of the last DLC Wrath of Sparta, Total War: Rome II is getting a brand new expansion.

Titled Empire Divided, Creative Assembly's most recent DLC takes place in 270 AD, during the Crisis of the Third Century. After 50 years of unrest and 26 different emperors, the Roman Empire split into three factions and almost collapsed under the combined pressures of economical depression, invasions, plague, and civil wars. In 270, after rising through the military ranks, Aurelian reunited the Empire under one Emperor again.

The DLC puts players in the middle of this crisis via a new grand-scale Campaign Pack, containing ten different factions from five cultural groups. Five of those -- including all three Roman factions: Rome, the Gallic Empire, and Palmyra -- are "Heroic Factions" which possess more elaborate victory conditions, unique named faction leaders who cannot die in battle (such as Aurelian or Queen Zenobia) and unique event-chains that affect character's abilities and faction-wide bonuses.

On an individual level, generals’ skill have been overhauled, and the player can now customise and specialise their characters in the disciplines of Recruitment, Combat, Strategy, Governance and Maritime Proficiency. Besides that, new campaign features such as banditry, plagues, and cults have been added:

  • Banditry acts similar to corruption, and must be fought off with the presence of armies and specialised buildings. Failure to deal with it leads to food shortages and special Bandit events.
  • Plagues are self-explanatory, hampering growth, negatively impacting public order, and reducing income of any settlement it hits. The diseases spread between neighbouring territories via army movement and trade routes, and must be fought off with sanitation buildings and key technologies.
  • Cults co-exist alongside major religions and are represented by special building chains. Building them on your provinces represents your empire acceptance of their disciples, but they spread foreign culture and spread disorder alongside the bonuses. Removing a cult building is considered persecution, and therefore expensive both in money and unrest levels. The three cults represented in the DLC are Christianity, Mithraism, and Manichaeism.

A free update called Power & Politics will also be launched alongside the DLC, overhauling Rome II's existing political system. It applies to the base game and all DLC (bar Caesar in Gaul, as that campaign has its own variant). 

Total War: ROME II - Empire Divided is out on November 30th on Steam, and you can expect our review near the release date.



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