New Thrones of Britannia patch, Rome II patch, new Total war games and more!

By Joe Robinson 07 Dec 2018 0

We like checking in on the Total War development blogs. They’re actually a really cool source of information on what’s happening in the world of Total War. Yesterday’s post did a quick round-up of what everyone is up to at the studio as we head into the holidays.

The SAGA team are working on a new Thrones of Britannia patch to address the most recent rounds of player feedback. A couple of the things they’re definitely tackling are making Estates more meaningful and adding an additional difficultly layer that allows you to tweak only the political game. Judging by the post, this new patch should be out before the end of the year.

The team have also been throwing around ideas for a new SAGA game, and I think they know what ‘flashpoint’ they wish to cover next. They’re not going to be announcing anything till 2019, however.

Meanwhile, in the past… The ‘Historical New Content Team’ are still working with Rome 2, and are also looking at putting out a patch to address some lingering issues from the Rise of the Republic DLC and the mod community.

The main fantasy guys appear to be working on something big, but there’s no news about what (Warhammer III, we assume), but the fantasy content team are looking to release an open beta before the holiday break so that they can test out a few changes they want to make following the release of Curse of the Vampire Coast. They especially want to tweak the Warhammer I race’s to bring them in line with everyone else.

Those are all the interesting bits – the main Three Kingdoms team is still working their way towards a March 2019 release, although the Three Kingdoms content team is already looking at new post-release content as they wrap up work on the early adopter bonuses.



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