You can get Total War Saga: Troy for free when it launches in August

By Joe Robinson 03 Jun 2020 0

While we all wait to hear news about Total War: Warhammer 3, the next game to look forward to is the latest entry in the ‘Total War Sagas’ line; mini-Total War experiences that focus on a narrower time-period and carry a leaner feature-set. They’re also used to experiment with new features and ideas separate from the main series.

Total War Saga: Troy is the next game to be released under this brand, and it takes the action to the iconic Bronze-age conflict as depicted in Homer’s Iliad. We know when it’s going to release: August 13th, 2020.

It’s also going to be free to keep forever if you claim the game within the first 24 hours of launch… on the Epic Games Store. That’s right, Epic got another one and Troy is going to be an EGS exclusive for the first year, with a Steam release not expected until August 2021.

Total War Saga Troy

This blog post on the Total War website goes into a bit more detail, but it’s worth noting that this deal seems to be only about Troy for the moment:

First of all: this is an opportunity for TROY specifically, and we have no plans for future games to be Epic exclusives.

Trialling out an EGS exclusivity deal is consistent with the experimental nature of Total War Saga games. Trying out giving it for free for 24 hours is a very bold move, but then confidence in the Saga titles probably isn’t super-high right now. There are only two other Saga games officially in existence:

  • Thrones of Britannia, which I personally enjoyed but it was a game using old tech and was kind of clunky/sparse in places.
  • Fall of the Samurai, which is the best Total War expansion to-date that was only really made into a ‘Saga’ game in retrospect as it happened to already fit the design philosophy.

Total War Saga games still have to ‘prove’ themselves to some degree and this deal with Epic gives them the financial security and time needed to get things right.

Look out for more Total War Saga Troy content tomorrow.



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