Total War: Three Kingdom’s Free 1.5 Patch Improves Bandits, Spies & More

By Joe Robinson 12 Mar 2020 0

Along with the recently announced A World Betrayed DLC, next week will see the release of a the free 1.5 Patch which adds a lot of benefits of Three Kingdoms in general, as well as making revisions to key mechanics to benefit anyone not getting the new DLC.

The Total War: Three Kingdoms team have put out a video if you want the top-line summary:

Otherwise, here’s a breakdown of the key areas being changed, taken from today’s dev blog on the subject:


Factions that are designated as ‘Bandits’, such as the base game’s Zheng Jiang or the new free White Tiger Yan faction, have gotten a bit of an overhaul. They get a brand new tech-tree, which is based on the physical map. If you own the province a tech is located in, you get a bonus, but otherwise it follows the more traditional research mechanic of different techs having different research times, as opposed to Three Kingdom’s new ‘one tech every give turns’ mechanic.

They now have ‘Loot’ instead of supplies, get new units, and can even enter into a new bespoke diplomatic relationship with other factions where they get hired as mercenaries. They also get their own unique buildings, rules for Court make-up, taxes etc… and so on. The dev log goes into more detail, but these all seem like really interesting changes which will make bandit factions legitimately different to play as.


Creative Assembly have taken on board a lot of feedback regarding how spies work, and are putting into place many changes with the new patch. There’s a new option for extracting spies before battles they are involved in, you can recruit ‘Turncoats’ to be spies instead of new characters, and Spy assignments have also been reworked.

Start Date & Map Changes

Many 190 CE factions have had their starting positions changed and altered. Further to that, an additional eight new factions have been added to the southern portions of the map, one of them being White Tiger Yan.

There has also been changes to population, including how population effects scale and how much population each region has, with the North being more populous.

Beyond that, there is a very large list of unit changes, unit re-balancing and bug fixes; as well as new characters both legendary or not-so legendary. Again, the blog post has the full breakdown, but this is going to be a pretty hefty patch and a great boon for anyone sticking to the vanilla experience.

A World Betrayed & the 1.5 Patch are due to land on Thursday, March 19th 2020.



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