Marie Kondo your Total War: Three Kingdoms life with these handy checklists

By Joe Robinson 11 Feb 2020 0

If I were to indulge in regrets, I would suspect a big one would be that being in this line of work means that I’m rarely in a position to devote myself wholly to a single game, which means I’m unable to give back to that game via the community.

As much as we try to stay on top of the latest news or hot-off-the-press announcements, it’s the smaller community interactions I find most fascinating. If you’re a fan of Creative Assembly’s most recent historical strategy epic - Total War: Three Kingdoms - then we’ve dug up a treat for you today.

Reddit user riclaurence has put together five different Listium lists to help you track the various Ancillary items.

In case you’ve forgotten, the ancillaries are essentially ‘collectables’ - most are objects like armour, weapons etc… but you can also get special mounts (horses) for your characters and unique followers as well. Each character has slots for different ancillary types, and you can equip them with rare examples to create a more memorable character story within the game.

total war three kingdoms ancillary items

There is a list for each individual category type, and they provide information such as rarity, stats, bonuses and any additional notes required (like if they’re part of a set):

This is great for looking at the complete pool of ancillaries at a glance, as well as being able to identify what to look out for. It’s also a checklist, so you can mark off anything you already have. Creator riclaurence has provided this for the community to use as they wish, so you’re free to make copies and do your own thing with it.

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