New Total War: Three Kingdoms A World Betrayed DLC Announced

By Joe Robinson 05 Mar 2020 0

It feels like only yesterday that we review the rather excellent Mandate of Heaven expansion for Total War: Three Kingdoms, and SEGA/Creative Assembly are already announcing a brand new expansion, titled A World Betrayed. This latest Three Kingdoms DLC is a smaller ‘Chapter Pack’, much like Eight Princes was last year.

It will offer a stand-alone campaign experience which will pit new factions & characters against each other in the struggle for domination of China. The iconic Dong Zhuo has been assassinated by his son, Lü Bu. Meanwhile, the equally ambitious General Sun Ce is mourning the death of his father and seeking to continue his legacy. These two new central characters will lead two new rival power-blocks that will dominate this campaign.

The new DLC will have the the following new content:

  • Two new factions – led by Lü Bu and Sun Ce.
  • Thirteen playable factions – each with new starting positions, events, and story missions.
  • New battlefield units – including the Tiger Guard, Flying Riders, and Handmaid Guard.
  • New characters – featuring Cheng Pu, the Qiao Sisters and more.

Curiously this campaign seems like it’s going to be set in the middle of the main campaign. Three Kingdom’s vanilla start date is 190 CE, where-as historically Dong Zhuo was assassinated in 192 CE. According to the FAQ, the campaign officially starts in 194 CE. Given that each turn represents a season, and there are five seasons in a year, this means that A World Betrayed essentially is set around Turn 20 of a vanilla campaign. Differing start dates aren't exactly a new concept - Paradox does them in their own games, but no-one really interacts with them and it's interesting seeing Creative Assembly trying to embrace this. For some reason it doesn't feel quite as natural.

Total War Three Kingdoms A World Betrayed Lu Bu and Court

We imagine this new pack then offers a more condensed version of the main-campaign, or at least the earlier portions. With only two overarching blocks, it’s unlikely this campaign will work towards the full ‘Three Kingdoms’ endgame of the main campaign. Instead, it will offer a more directed version of the mid-game, with new characters and stories to play around with. With many of the existing Warlords getting new starting regions as well, a lot more of the southern areas of the map will be relevant a lot more quickly.

Along with the new expansion pack, a new free patch will be dropping at the same time as has become standard. More details on this will be revealed later, but it will introduce a new playable faction along with new unique units, buildings and other improvements to the main campaign.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - A World Betrayed will be released on March 19th and will cost £7.99, $9.99, €9.99.



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