Total War Three Kingdoms Mandate of Heaven DLC Announced

By Joe Robinson 17 Dec 2019 0

Strategy gaming in 2020 is going to get off to a roaring start with the release of Total War: Three Kingdoms’ next DLC. Titled Mandate of Heaven, this is another Chapter Pack that provides a brand new campaign, this time taking place just eight years before the events of Three Kingdoms itself.

The year is 182CE, and while the Han Empire is still in power, the cracks are already starting to show. The Yellow Turban rebellion is growing and the last Han Emperor, Liang, is struggling to deal with all the problems facing his empire, both internal and external as new and familiar faces question whether he still possess the divine right to rule. Here’s the trailer to set the scene:

And here's a gameplay video:

The Mandate of Heaven campaign will feature six new playable factions, which includes the Han Empire itself, as well as five factions from the base game that will have new origin stories and starting positions. There are also 40 new units (including new siege weapons), as well as nine new unique characters.

Creative Assembly have also for the first time designed something similar to what Paradox Interactive have done with Crusader Kings 2 and new, earlier start dates. Players will be able to start a game in Mandate of Heaven and then carry it through the main campaign. Specifically how this will work has yet to be discussed, but we imagine you'll just keep playing as normal when hit the game's original start date. Whether any specific story scripts or events from the start of the main campaign will be effected, we don't know.

This Chapter Pack sounds a lot more interesting than the first Chapter Pack DLC, Eight Princes. Even though it’s yet another new story seperate to the main campaign it sounds like it will hold far more relevance for the events of Three Kingdoms than the Eight Princes’ story did. The fact that they’re linking the new campaign with the main campaign is also a good evolutionary step for the series, and we’ll be interested in reading more about that.

Total War Three Kingdoms Mandate of Heaven Expansion

As is becoming the norm, the new DLC will also come with a free content update as well. More details will be announced at a later date, but so far we know that a new free Warlord is coming in the form of Tao Qian, along with some new units.  You can find out more details on all of the above in the official FAQ.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Mandate of Heaven is due out on January 16th, 2020.



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