Total War: Three Kingdoms Mod Tools Released

By Joe Robinson 04 Jul 2019 0

Creative Assembly has announced they’ve released mod tools and Steam Workshop support for Total War: Three Kingdoms. It’s been just over a month since the game initially launched, so this is welcome news.

The ‘Assembly Kit’ features four different components: ‘Dave’ allows you to edit the database, ‘Terry’ is for battle map creation, ‘BoB’ is for pack file compilation and  the Variant Editor is for editing unit models.

You can read the full blog post here detailing all of the specifics. There is a known issue where downloading a custom battle map via MP lobbies can sometimes cause the game to lock up.

terry.jpg 1024x556

We’ll let the community settle in with the new tools, but we’re excited to be able to do a full-on mods guide for Three Kingdoms now that the kit has been released.

Moddable elements:

  • Startpos
  • CEOs
  • Database tables
  • Variant mesh definitions
  • Battle maps
  • Lua scripts (thanks to Vandy for his contributions here!)
  • New character portraits.
  • Custom models and animations

Not Moddable:

  • Campaign battle maps
  • Campaign map hexes (i.e. the logical campaign map)
  • Audio files
  • Game code
  • Creation of battle assets, such as:
    • Prefabs
    • Audio files
    • Composite scenes
    • VFX

What mods would you like to see for Three Kingdoms? Let us know in the comments!



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