Total War: Three Kingdoms Arrives March 2019

By Joe Robinson 27 Sep 2018 0

Creative Assembly have announced the new official release date for their upcoming historical strategy game, Total War: Three Kingdoms. Originally due out this year, it was then delayed to 2019.

Mark your calendars, your war for China begins on March 7th, 2019.

Pre-orders are now open, and anyone who purchases the game early gets free access to the Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC back. This pack grants you three new playable warlords for the grand campaign, as well as three new hero classes: Scholars, Healers and Veterans. The pack allows you to lead bandits, zealots and commoners in a revolt against the Han Dynasty.

The Yellow Turban Rebellion historically took place in 184 AD. It was initially suppressed that year, but the rebels would continue to cause unrest for the next 21 years, with a final resolution occurring in 205 AD. This rebellion is used as the opening event in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, which the Total War adaptation draws a lot of inspiration from.

As well as a release date, we also have information on the various editions you can purchase. If you want a unnecessarily large statue for your mantelpiece, the Collector’s Edition might be for your liking as you get a 24cm tall resin statue of the legendary hero Guan Yu.

The whole thing comes in a chest that also contains an art book, a special game case, a double sided poster that shows the Warlords on one side, and the campaign map on another. The Limited Edition comes with the special case and the poster.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will also being coming to Mac & Linux courtesy of Feral Interactive.



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