The Steam Sale may be over, but for Fanatical the deals never end

By Joe Robinson 11 Jul 2018 0

Fanatical, the new name for Bundle Stars that reinvented itself in November last year, is fast becoming a known entity when it comes to discounts and deals. While the seasonal Steam Sales usually attract a lot of attention and offer pretty decent reductions, lately I’ve been seeing better and better deals on Fanatical.

This latest spot, while not overly-generous, is yet another example of how the website is aggressively going after big names and offering their games and low prices. What the long-term strategy is here will be interesting to see, but for now enjoy the fact that a bunch of Total War games (and SEGA games in general) can be bought fairly cheaply for the next four days.

TW Fan 1

Total War: Warhammer can be bought for a respectable 75% off, and you can buy the ‘Complete Pack’ for 56% off. If you want to pick up individual DLCS (which are hovering around the 35% mark), we’ve got a handy DLC Buying Guide that might be worth checking out.

Total War: Warhammer II on the other hand is 33% off. If you’ve yet to take the plunge this is a pretty decent discount, although as time goes on you will see available for less and less, so it depends if you want you play it sooner rather than later. It’s first two premium DLCS are 25% and 20% off respectively.

Rome 2: Total War is also available on the cheap; 66% off  for the base edition, and you should check our accompanying DLC Guide to see if there’s anything else worth picking up on top of that.

Plenty of other great strategy games are on sale as well, including Company of Heroes 2, Dawn of War and more. The Fanatical deal will end in four days, so you have until the weekend to decide.



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