The Prophet & The Warlock are coming to Total War Warhammer 2

By Joe Robinson 04 Apr 2019 0

Skaven and Lizardmen are the next two factions to get new content for Total War: Warhammer 2. Come April 17th a new Lords pack will drop titled The Prophet & The Warlock. Possibly the final bit of DLC for Warhammer 2 (Warhammer 3 is still in pre-production as of February, but past dev blogs have also said the next bit of TWW2 DLC would be the last), it adds two new Legendary Lords in the form of Ikit Claw, a Warlock Engineer for the Skaven and Tehenhauin, Prophet of Sotek for the Lizardmen.

Each Lord heads up their own new sub-faction for their race, which come with unique campaign mechanics, and they get to field new battlefield units, new regiments of renown and construct new buildings. There's a pretty comprehensive breakdown of all the new content on the DLC's Steam page, so give it a read if you want a more complete picture.

Alongside this DLC, there will also be a free patch titled the Doomsayers update. It comes with refreshes of the Skaven and Lizardmen factions, as well as an overhaul for Bretonnia in the Mortal Empire campaign. The Bretonnians will be getting a new Vow system, as well as other improvements such as new techs, a new weapon and improvements to thinks like garrisons and the Green Knight.

The Skavens will be getting a new feature called the Under-Empire. The official Total War blog has a decent breakdown of the free patch content as well.

The Prophet & The Warlock DLC will cost £6.49, and will release along with the Doomsayers update on April 17th, 2019.



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