El Presidente wants you to go pre-order Tropico 6

By Joe Robinson 12 Nov 2018 2

The Tropico franchise is a great city-builder/real-time strategy series that’s had its ups and down. I personally regard Tropico 4 as the best entry in the series, although Tropico 5 did have some interesting ideas.

We must now look towards January next year to see what Tropico 6 will bring to the table. New headline features include large, multi-island archipelagos (a series first), sending out agents to steal monuments, a new research system and online multiplayer for up 4, to name but a few things.

There’s a way you can find out for yourself whether it’s any good or not mind, and that’s by pre-ordering the game. Whether it’s the standard edition or the ‘El Prez’ SKU, both version get you instant beta access.

You can do this via the official website or Steam itself, and both portals are offering a 10% discount before the game’s release.

Tropico 6 will be released on PC on January 25, 2019, with PS4 and Xbox One releases coming next summer.



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