This madman is running Victoria 2 on the Nintendo Switch, and we are here for it

By Joe Robinson 18 May 2020 0

We often comment here on Strategy Gamer that the Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming a new frontier for strategy games. From Civilization 6 to XCOM 2, more and more big franchises are coming out with dedicated ports, but what we stumbled upon this weekend kind of blew our minds.

Here’s the setup: The official Paradox Interactive account posted a community engagement thing.

Pretty standard stuff, let's all celebrate how Norway has been portrayed through-out the recent grand strategy games etc...

It gets pretty standard replies, but then this absolute hero posts this:

That’s right - that is Victoria 2 apparently running on a Nintendo Switch. I remember at the first ever PDXCon many years ago they showed Europa Universalis 4 working with the (then) newly announced Steam controller, which was bizarre in itself. This is something else.

To be fair this is a still image, and as replies to that tweet highlight, there could be several things going on here.

The Switch has been hacked, that’s for sure, and comments suggest that you can then install Android onto it. Whether Victoria 2 is being run on the Switch itself, or whether it’s being streamed from a PC (which is apparently something you can do) is unclear.

But hey, I am very here for the dream of this hardcore grand-strategy game running on a Nintendo Switch. Now when do we get Victoria 3?



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