Viking-themed Strategy Game Northgard Leaves Early Access March 7th

By Joe Robinson 19 Feb 2018 0

Since launching into Steam Early Access on February 22nd last year, Viking exploration/management game Northgard has sold over 600,000 copies. Now it’s set to leave early access just over a year later (and six months later than originally estimated) on March 7th.

We had our reservations about it when we had a look, but from what we’ve observed since it definitely got the much-needed time and attention we felt it needed.

If you’re never come across the game before, here is the official blurb:

Northgard mixes exploration, village building, resource management, clan diplomacy and tactical combat set in a mythical world infused with Norse mythology and filled with giants, wyverns and undead warriors.

The 1.0 release will add in a fully fleshed out single-player campaign spanning 11 chapters. You follow the saga of Rig who has set out to avenge the murder of his father and a mystery that leads him to the mysterious lands of Northgard. There are currently six Viking clans available in the gam, with different victory conditions and multiplayer versus other people or the AI.

Northgard is being developed by Shiro Games and will retail on Steam for €27.99 / $29.99 / £23.79.




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