The Reign of Chaos returns next year - Warcraft III: Reforged announced

By Joe Robinson 05 Nov 2018 1

It is a time of remasters, and Warcraft 3 is taking it’s turn at punching you right in the nostalgia feels. Blizzard announced Warcraft III: Reforged at their annual Blizzcon event, heralding the return of the classic RTS game.

I liked the fact that they simply re-did the original trailer, just in 4K:

Reforged updates all of the game assets into 4K, which mainly involved recreating them as opposed to simply ‘upscaling’. It will also come with an improved UI and a world editor.

As the title that launched a thousand MOBA’s, Warcraft 3’s legacy cannot be understated. The RTS sub-genre would never look the same again and so coming back to this game after all this time should prove to be an interesting experience.

As our brethren at PCGamesN have reported, Blizzard are taking this remaster very seriously – it’s already been in development for several years, and given they’re trying to re-do 3D assets (vs SC Remastered’s 2D), everything has required a lot more time and effort.

What’s also fascinating is that, while the mechanics and underlying coding doesn’t seem to have been touched, visually Blizzard are trying to bring Warcraft III’s vision of Lorderon closer to that of World of Warcraft’s.

I personally remember really enjoying Warcraft III’s campaign, although I never finished The Frozen Throne expansion. With the two being bundled together in Reforged, seems like I’ll get another chance when it launches sometimes in 2019.



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