Watch a whole glorious hour of BattleTech combat gameplay

By Joe Robinson 23 Mar 2018 0

April is nearly upon us, which means that we’re 10 – 40 days away from getting out hands on BattleTech, the incoming turn-based tactical mech strategy/RPG game from Harebrained Schemes and Paradox.

Paradox recently did an hour-long stream of BattleTech combat with Anders ‘cKnoor’ Carlsson, conferencing in Jordan Weismann and Connor Monahan who provided commentary on some of the tactical and strategical concerns that a player might need to keep an eye on.

There’s lots of talking during the hour, but it covers the basics of combat as well as key strategies in using your mech’s, and how what happens here can feed into the RPG layer.

We previewed BattleTech ourselves at last year’s ParadoxCon, and we’re very excited to get out hands on the full game for review.

BattleTech is due out sometime in April (after getting delayed) and will be available on Steam as well as a Steam-free version via the Paradox Plaza.



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