XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Strategy Guide

By Marcello Perricone 14 Jun 2018 3

One of the reasons the XCOM franchise is so preposterously amazing is its tactical depth. Aside from lofty production values, the strategic and tactical gameplay ties into a fantastic array of abilities and mechanics to create an interlocked system of extremely polished goodness. XCOM 2's latest DLC expands the base game in every single way, and with new content comes new tactics, and with new tactics, comes us.

War of the Chosen is one of our favourite turn-based strategy games. You should check out the others.

Since the expansion radically changes how the game can pay, we decided to put together a dedicated guide to XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Enjoy!

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Soldiers Guide

  • Rotate your soldiers to avoid Combat Fatigue. Don’t argue, just do it.
  • Skirmishers’ grappling hooks are a special ability that doesn't cost anything; they can relocate using the grappling hook and still keep both their actions.
    • The grappling hook built in the 'Spider' and 'Wraith' armours also works the same way.

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  • Reaper's Shadow Mode ability keeps the reaper concealed, but increases the chance of detection with every additional weapon. As they start with zero chance of detection, killing a target on the first shot keeps detection chance at 0%.
    • Only wounding a target increases the Reaper's detection radius from one tile to half the screen.
  • Templars never miss a melee attack.
    • Giving a Templar the Ranger's Bladestorm ability through the Training Centre allows them to clean whole waves of Lost by themselves.
  • Soldiers assigned to Covert Actions together will see their bond strengthen, just like operatives in normal tactical missions.
    • Covert Actions are a great way to increase cohesion between two low-ranked squad members too dangerous to go in the field.
  • The Teamwork bonus from bonded squadmates is more useful than just providing extra shots to finish enemies. It allows one member to dash ahead and scout, but still enter Overwatch, hunker down, or do anything else in case they find an enemy patrol.
  • The Dual Strike bonus from bonded squadmates causes the bondmate to fire their primary weapon, regardless of restrictions, as long as both have ammo. That means sharpshooters can fire on the enemy with their sniper rifle even if they've already used the rifle that turn.
  • AP is earned by soldiers that perform tactical maneuvers during combat, like shooting targets from elevated positions, landing a flanking shot, ambushing an enemy from cover, or killing an enemy with the help of squadmates. The higher a soldier's Combat Intelligence, the higher their chance of getting AP for those maneuvers.

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  • The Advanced Warfare Centre (AWS) from vanilla XCOM 2 has been replaced with the Infirmary and the Training Centre. Build the Infirmary first.
    • The Hypervital Module upgrade in the infirmary is way less useful than it sounds; it uses one Elerium Core to instantly (and temporarily) restore a soldier to full combat status, but that only lasts for one mission before the effects settle in again. Worse still, each soldier can only use the Hypervital Module once in the entire game.
  • Supplies are way more common in the expansion, so feel free to be more adventurous with them.
  • The Resistance Ring should be build quickly, as it allows you to field more resistance orders which give you multiple passive bonuses every month.

War of the Chosen Enemies Guide

  • If a Chosen dazed one of your guys, you can kill or drive off the alien bastard to revive the soldier, instead of rushing to his aid. The best defence is a good offence.
  • ADVENT Purifiers have a chance of exploding upon death, as their flamethrower tanks might be ruptured by incoming damage. The explosion radius is slightly smaller than a standard frag grenade and damages friend and foe alike, so use it to your advantage and keep your distance. No melee attacks!
    • These fiery deaths can also attract the Lost, like any other explosion in the game.
  • ADVENT SpectresShadowbound ability behaves similarly to mind-control, but you can destroy the shadow copy without dealing damage to the unconscious trooper. In fact, you can even revive the soldier while the shadow copy exists on the field, with zero adverse effects.

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  • ADVENT Priests can shield themselves with stasis when about to die, deflecting any and all incoming damage for a turn. Try to have at least one unit with free actions after delivering the “killing” blow, in case the bugger stasis himself.
  • Priests are subject to the same rules of any other Psionic being in the game, so killing them is often the best way to free your soldiers from negative effects or get rid of any boosts ADVENT troops are enjoying.
    • Curiously, the same applies to Spectres, even though they aren’t Psionic units. Killing them destroys the shadow copy borne of their Shadowbound ability and revives the unconscious XCOM soldier.
  • Priests and Spectres tend to strike and run, keeping your squad in disarray and hiding like cowards. Hunt them down with high mobility troops like Rangers or shoot them with a sharpshooter as soon as possible.

The Lost Tips & Tricks

  • Be aggressive -- unlike standard rules of engagement in the game, getting closer to the Lost often brings more bonuses than risks. Keep cool and maximise your hit chance to methodically pick them off, weakest to strongest.
  • Avoid using explosives, as the loud noise attracts Lost swarms.
    • Swarms tend to appear close to the source of the noise, so you can cause an explosion on top of ADVENT troops to try and drown them in walkers.

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  • The Lost are hostile to human and aliens equally, so use them to your advantage when fighting ADVENT forces.
    • If your soldiers are not concealed, The Lost have a 70% chance to attack XCOM soldiers versus 30% of attacking alien targets.
    • Lost often target the closest enemies, so keep the aliens between you and the swarm.
    • The Lost always take their turn after the Alien Activity phase, so they can be used to trigger enemy Overwatch and overall crash into ADVENT’s strategy, allowing you more breathing room when dealing with everyone involved.
  • While explosives can attract the Lost, it is often not worth fighting ADVENT without them. The tide comes sooner or later, and explosives can be the difference between the life or death of your squad.

Got any other tips and tricks you want to share? Let us know in the comments. Good luck, Commander!



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