The XCOM Dev Team needs a World Builder. Is this XCOM 3?

By Joe Robinson 05 Nov 2019 0

A job listing has appeared on Firaxis’ Careers website that’s looking for a World Builder to “ take the team that brought you XCOM to the next level.” Is this the day that XCOM 3 became a thing? Of course, just because it’s the same development team that designed XCOM, doesn’t mean they’re working on a new XCOM project.

Here’s the full job description:

Firaxis Games is looking for an exceptionally skilled World Builder to help take the team that brought you XCOM to the next level. As a World Builder, you will be working closely with the Lead Environment Artist and Project Art Director to create high quality assets that match the look and feel of the game world. This position has a strong focus on world building and level creation. The ideal candidate must have a solid grasp of modeling and texturing both organic and hard surfaced assets, as well as an excellent working knowledge of the tools and skills listed below.

The reference to levels would suggest a game that uses them, as XCOM (or any squad-based tactical strategy game, really) does, but again, we could be looking at anything here. And if it could be anything, it could definitely be XCOM 3. This is not the first time this team have hired for something as well - the job listings aren't live any more, but Jake Solomon did tweet at the start of the year they were looking for people as well.

At least we know they’re probably not working on any more content for XCOM 2. It was known that the Tactical Legacy Pack was supposed to be the final bit of DLC for the sequel, but you never know with these things.

If you’re genuinely curious about the add in terms of responsibilities and qualifications, you can check out the full job listing. Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the needless speculation.



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