XCOM: Chimera Squad review roundup – how did it score?

By Sean Martin 23 Apr 2020 0

The day is finally upon us and the reviews for the new XCOM game, Chimera Squad have landed. So was it out of this world? Or did it bring critics crashing back to earth? 

All in all it seems to have scored pretty well with most reviewers rating between about 7 and 9 respectively. The Metacritic page for XCOM: Chimera Squad currently has an average score of 81, with 11 positive review, 1 mixed, and 0 negative. Pretty impressive stuff, but maybe not unexpected when the idea of new XCOM gets everyone so excited.

In particular, critics praised the SWAT-like team-tactics play, how it twists the regular XCOM formula, and the characters in the game. In terms of downsides, lacking a few key features from previous games was one criticism, while smaller stakes in comparison to the main series games seems to have been another. But why hear it from us? The scores and reviews are listed below:

So on the whole things are looking positive for XCOM: Chimera Squad. Now all we have to do is wait until tomorrow to get a copy.






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