You Should Definitely Grab the Stellaris OST

By Marcello Perricone 31 Oct 2017 0

Paradox games often have amazing soundtracks, and sci-fi 4X Stellaris is no different. Upon release, the company put out an Original Game Soundtrack for launch, featuring some of the best tracks by composer Andreas Waldetoft.

However, more music has been added to the game with every expansion, and now Paradox is updating the OST to include all music present in Stellaris. Starting on November 2nd, the OST will be updated and its price on Steam will increase from $4.99 to $6.99 (USD or regional equivalent). Going forward, every new piece of music added to the game will also be added to the OST, free of charge. 

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In the next couple of months, Paradox also plans to include the Stellaris OST on Spotify and other streaming services, but there is no solid date on when that is supposed to happen.

Stellaris is on sale right now for 60%, and the OST itself has a 50% discount -- if you want to pick up the soundtrack before the price increase, this is the lowest it will ever be.



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