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Few strategy games capture the magic of gameplay like Sid Meier’s Civilizations do. With at least one entry on the Top 10 Most Played Games on Steam every single week for the past five years, the Civilization series has between 30,000 and 80,000 players online at any given moment in any given day. The definition of “just one more turn” that keeps you hooked to your seat for hours, Sid Meyer’s Civilization is a franchise that changed strategy games forever.

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Civilization VI is the latest instalment of the eponymous franchise from Firaxis, and it manages to retain the series defining characteristics such as turn based gameplay and it’s uncanny ability to eat up half your day before you notice an hour has passed, while adding welcome changes to the established formula. The technological split between two tech trees, the slower movement with a greater focus on roads, and the improved-yet-somewhat-still-stupid-AI are little changes that greatly refresh the gameplay. On the other hand, details like Religion victories and expandable cities that take up more than one hex - while already built into the game - just beg for an expansion to make them awesome, the same way Civ V’s expansions did.

Overall, Civ VI is a welcome addition to the series and a strong contender to one day surpass Civ V. Like its predecessor, however, what will make or break this game is not the status it was when it launched, but how well it’s post-release content will fill in the gaps.

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