Codex: Steel Division Normandy '44

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Published by Paradox Interactive and developed by Eugen Systems of Wargame fame, Steel Division: Normandy '44 is a World War II Real-Time Strategy title that requires strategy and tactics to succeed. Set in France at the twilight of the famous conflict, this historical strategy game bridges the gap between the slow pace and tactical depth of wargames and the 3D action of RTS, delivering a unique experience that comes off as fast-paced and deep without being hastily micromanaged. Unlike other RTS of late, Steel Division urges you to think instead of clicking.

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Divided into three phases which represents progressive stages of a battle, Steel Division tiers unique units and deployment force that get progressively stronger as each engagement develops. Gameplay revolves around a number of systems that work together to reflect the effects of warfare on your units, with everything from line of sight and fatigue to morale and mechanical problems playing a role. This creates an interesting dynamic that compartmentalises battles while forcing players to not lose track of their long-term strategy, and the end result is an amazing WWII strategy game that almost reaches the scale of Total War battles. Finally, a mainstream title that gives the Second World War the tactical attention it deserves.

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