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Stellaris is a grand strategy game revolving around space exploration, diplomacy, and warfare with other spacefaring civilizations. Developed and published by Paradox Interactive of Europa UniversalisCrusaders Kings, and Hearts of Iron fame, Stellaris allows players to build and manage a interstellar empire in any way they want.

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Players choose a species, its ethics, and its technologies, which all affects the way the interface looks. Anything from science and culture to engineering and politics can be meddled with, creating a highly customisable and expansive gameplay system. While some ships and research vessels can be controlled, combat and war are more centered towards the bigger picture, preparation, and strategy.

The game begins begins with a single planet in a territory and a small fleet, allowing the player to explore new areas, colonise new regions, and engage in diplomacy and warfare whenever they want. Later in the game, crisis events can happen that affect the whole galaxy, preventing the usual problem in 4X games where the endgame just becomes one huge mop-up session. The freedom and ambition of Stellaris, along with it's continued development and support by Paradox, make it one of the best sci-fi strategy games of the modern era.

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